Give Thanksgiving For the Wild Turkey Slot Wins

With Christmas around the corner and turkeys set to feature on every family dinner table, it’s a good time for gaming developers to take advantage of this popular bird and use it in the Wild Turkey slot game available at many online casino sites. While turkeys feature without a heartbeat on the table on Christmas, in this five-reel, uniquely themed slot game they are alive and amped up energetically to hurry along their virtual journey towards a mountainous landscape.

Whether on a Windows or Linux desktop PC, a laptop, a Mac or a mobile device, slot players can immerse in the wild turkey tribe’s homeland situated in bird-styled huts within a forest clearing. With every spin of the reel they can encounter different members of the tribe, all the while listening to tribal drums in the background.

In this slot, these turkeys are found in a tribe and are not your common farm birds found gobbling along. The main characters here are native and primitive. They also take the role of the hunter and not the hunted and provide players with an abundance of online wild-hunting fun.

Meet A Virtual Turkey Tribe

One spin may reveal the spear-holding brown gobbler, while another spin may reveal a white female turkey wearing feminine tribal attire. A few more spins in the game will set players up with a number of meet-and-greets as they encounter the turkey medicine man and the club-holding tribal turkey with orange features and a bone in his beak.

Trigger a few more spins and players will be honoured to meet the leader of the tribe who wears a pendant and red headdress. Each member of tribe comes with a different pay-out value and when multiple tribe members feature across the pay line at one time, they render rewarding pay-outs.

Award Yourself By Claiming This Slot’s Rewards

Developed by NetEnt games software developers and accessible in many generic gaming websites or NetEnt-powered online casinos, this online pokies NZ machine is rewarding in both free play and real money play.

Free play is rewarding in that it offers high quality entertainment, an opportunity to learn the ropes of this slot game without risking anything, and an opportunity to become a better player with more confidence. Who said enjoying the latest in gaming technology, themes, graphics and features from the best software developer in the world wasn’t rewarding in itself?

Real money mode on the Wild Turkey slot game also rewards players looking to award themselves with high pay-outs and possibly claiming the large jackpot offered in this game. For a more rewarding experience, players can take advantage of the wild symbols which appear frequently on the reels and become stacked wilds.

Players can firstly award themselves in free play mode on Wild Turkey slot game. How can free play be fun without wagering real money, players may ask? Free online play offers hours of risk-free, penny-free entertainment and a satisfactory, convenient way of relaxing, decompressing after a long day of work or a fun way to escape one’s daily routine.

Rewards come in bundles with the free spins feature available during gameplay in the Wild Turkey slot game. Slot players can set themselves up for even greater rewards when they activate all 20 pay lines in the game and choose the highest coin value possible.