What are Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are promotional incentives offered by casinos to attract new players. A welcome bonus is customary, for example, when a player registers and logs in to an online casino for the first time. Online casinos also offer promotional bonuses on a regular basis to registered players; usually when launching a new game, or when trying to attract players to a game that the casino feels is under-appreciated.

These bonuses are normally a package of benefits, including free spins on slots and a set amount of free stake money on selected card and dice games. Casino bonuses allow players to experience games and try our new casinos without having to risk their own money, so they are a handy advantage in their own right. However, with a little bit of homework, you can also use casino bonuses effectively to extend your game-playing time without risking any more of your own money.

Massive Variety of Bonuses

As global connectivity has improved in leaps and bounds, so too has the online casino industry exploded. A brief Internet search pulls up thousands of choices; security and integrity are ensured both by state-of-the-art security verification, and by the vocal and vigilant online community that these casinos serve. Issues such as non-payment or poor customer service are quickly flagged, shared and publicised, so the bad apples are easy to spot.

Yet even if you limit yourself to only the top 100 online casinos, player-rated by payout percentages, security, reputation and frequency of casino bonuses, you’re still spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a casino or a game that you like. Online casinos even optimise several device-specific versions of each game, so you can enjoy optimum playing experience, no matter what platform or device you are using.

The sheer variety available also has a welcome side-effect for serious casino game fans; more casinos mean more casino bonuses on offer. By registering with a number of online casinos and joining their mailing lists, a dedicated player will not only collect many different welcome bonuses, but you will also receive regular updates on any new casino bonuses on offer. By comparing the deals available, true enthusiasts can switch between sites and make the most of free game play, while still in with a chance to win real money.

Find the Best Bonuses Online

Bear in mind that casino online betting bonuses are promotional incentives, and as such will come with terms and conditions. The object is to get you to play more, so although you can win real money with free casino bonuses, you might not be able to withdraw your winnings, for instance, unless you’ve made some sort of minimum deposit. Each online casino will have its own T’s and C’s, so always check them carefully before accepting any offers. But whether your game of choice is poker or slots, blackjack or craps, with a few simple precautions, clever use of the enormous range of casino bonuses can translate into hours more online casino amusement.