Winning Roulette Systems Explained

Online roulette and online blackjack may be games of chance with the outcome dependent on a Random Number Generator, but there are certain systems and strategies that could increase your winning potential. By employing a roulette system you could enjoy successful results on a more regular basis and boost your enjoyment of this exciting game to the full.

To assist you in learning more about a roulette system and deciding which one will suit you, we have outlined the ones that have been tied and tested, giving you a clearer idea of what they entail. These systems have proven results and range from the classic to the more contemporary and complicated.

A roulette system isn’t going to make you instantly rich, but these methods have been created to boost your chances of regular successes and enhance the enjoyment of a game that’s so much more than just a spinning wheel of fortune.

Martingale System

The most famous roulette system of all, the Martingale system has stood the test of time and is used by both beginners and seasoned players alike. A system that’s best used by those with a bigger budget, players will continually double their stake in the hope that a win will eventually net a massive profit.

Labouchere Strategy

Also known as the Spilt Martingale or Cancellation system and the American Progression or Montante Americaine, this strategy is somewhat more complex. Players must decide beforehand how much money they aim to win and create a list accordingly. As the game is played and bets are successful, numbers are removed from the list until all numbers are crossed off and the desired amount has been won, or the players bankroll is depleted.

Paroli Progression

The Paroli Progression is a very simple roulette system, yet it can be hugely effective. Although there are several different variants, players simply need to reinvest their winnings and as their bankroll increases so too do their chances of winning. The only issue players may run into here is running out of money and losing both their initial stake and all their winnings, so although simple, you’ll need to approach with caution.

Tiers et Tout

With a full name of ‘Tiers et Tout a la Boule de Neige’ this roulette strategy is quite a mouthful, and relatively complicated too. Players will decide on a set amount of which they will bet 1/3 on their first wager. If the first bet is a losing one, the remaining 2/3 will be bet, however if you win, then you will increase the wager accordingly. This can be quite hard to keep track of, but experienced players will fast find their feet.

Positional Roulette

Taken from Jack Kennedy’s famous book “Square Ro Let” the Positional roulette system is about the most complicated of all and not many players truly understand it. Its complicated betting strategy changes depending on the style of the game you play and Kennedy himself has said that the only way you can truly gain an understanding is by playing for an extended period of time.

Choosing a roulette system that suits you shouldn’t be too tricky and as a new player its best to stick to the simpler options and progress as you go along.