Online Sports Betting for Golf

Golf tournaments such as the PGA, LPGA and EPGA are popular for online betting and there many different types of bets that include a wide range of prop bets and sometimes live bets for various tournaments.

The online sportsbooks that offer the widest variety of bets for golf include some of the best and most trusted sites even bingo Australia. These should only ever be considered as real money is at risk. The top online sportsbooks with a wide array of golf bets offer security, generous bonuses, convenient banking methods and the most accurate odds and information of the sport and the players.

Betting Options for Golf Bettors

There are common golf bets available at almost all online sportsbooks but each site will also have its own selection of various prop bets. This is why it is important to find out what is on offer before signing up.

Some common types of bets include tournament winners which is difficult to predict therefore offers good odds, head to head matchups where two equally levelled players are pitted against each other and one must be picked for having the better game and three ball bets where the best three players are picked.

Prop bets are the ones that differ from site to site, they are far more unusual and do not fit into any category. These can consist of bets such as which player will finish with a higher ranking, will a player score an eagle during the tournament and how many tournaments will a player win in a season.

Golf futures bets are also generally available. This is where a player is picked to end the season as the top player and who may win any of the four major tournaments. The odds on these bets change as the season progresses.

Tips for Betting on Golfing Events

Not all golf courses are alike so the course should be considered when betting as some players are better with long fairways while others are better with short distances. Considering the weather is also advised as strong winds or rain may hamper game play.

Following the players and their game is important as anything can affect their game like any personal difficulties that may make it difficult for them to focus. This is especially for head to head bets, as even though they may be equally pitted against each other, one player may be less focused than the other. If a player is as renowned as, say, Tiger Woods don’t bet on the underdog just because there odds are better. Consider that the chances of a world champion winning are much higher.

Picking the tournament winner is a tough bet when it comes to golf so it may be better to look at other types of bets such as head to head matchups and three ball bets. These bets have better odds and can be compared at the top online sportsbooks.

Be mindful of what it costs for golf prop bets. Some online sportsbooks are reasonable but there are also those that take advantage because many bettors are beginners or casual. If the cost is too high, don’t bet and look elsewhere.