Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand by RTG

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand by Realtime gaming is a game based around jacks or better five card draw poker.

Five card draw poker is often considered by many to be the simplest form of poker and it makes up the basis for most video poker games. Because of this, it’s sometimes the type of poker that is learned first by people that are new to the game of poker. While it is a popular form of the game to play at homes and social gatherings, it is not very often that the game is played at tournaments or casinos – expect in the form of video poker. Still, even in online casinos, Texas hold’em is often still the king in terms of popularity.

When playing five card draw poker on a video poker machine, such as is the case with this video poker game, the player is dealt five cards. After the player is dealt their five cards, they are allowed to keep or trade in as many cards as they would like. For instance, a player may be dealt a hand that includes a two, three, six, king, and king. In this case, the player might decide that they would like to trade in the two, three and six cards and keep the two king cards. After the player discards the cards they wish and holds on to the ones they wish to keep, they are given cards to replace the ones that they have discarded. In a game of five card draw played in real life, there is then a second round of betting that is done.

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand

In Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand, once the player has selected which cards they want to keep and the new cards are dealt, the round is over. What separates normal five card draw poker with Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand is that in Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand, the player is actually playing more than one hand at a time.

In addition to the cards that are displayed at the bottom of the screen, the player is also holding on to the same cards in other hands as well. When the player draws cards, they are then drawing cards for multiple hands with the same held cards being displayed across all hands.

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand Payouts

Like double bonus poli poker, Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand pays out bonus amounts on certain combinations of cards. The sets of cards that bonus payouts are made on include three different sets of combinations of four of a kind.

These first set is four fives, four sixes, four sevens, four eights, four nines, four tens, four jacks, four queen and four kings. The second set is four twos, four threes and four fours. The last set is four aces. There are other winning combinations available to the player but these are not included in the double double bonus. The highest payout on this video poker game is four thousand coins and that is awarded to the player if they manage to get a royal flush with a five coin bet.