Double Double Jackpot

Double Double Jackpot by RTG

Double Double Jackpot by Realtime Gaming is a one hundred hand and multi coin video poker variant. When the player loads up the game, they will see what looks like a rather involved layout. In the background, the player can see that this video poker game is a multi-hand variant as is displayed in a bright blue and orange neon sign. Above the sign are several black pots which have been filled to the top with shiny gold coins. The rest of the background is a simple black with a patterned green border.

At the top of the gaming area is the name of this game, Double Double Jackpot, and below that the player can see a large area in the centre where all of the card hands are to be displayed. The cards have the same cross thatch pattern as the border but they are blue and white instead of green. Below the card displayed face down in the middle of the screen, the player can see their current hand of five cards.

Under that there are several bits of information as well as some better options that the player can adjust. The first things to be displayed at the bottom are the player’s remaining credits, the players bet, the player’s total bet and the payout the player receives after a hand. There is also an option that allows for the game to quickly put down the cards in the form of a speed deal box that can be ticked. In addition, there is a yellow paytable button that will display information about the game if it is pushed as well as a bright red cashout button.

To the right of that is the bet one button, the draw button, and the bet max button. Even further to the right are different denominations of poker chips listed at five, twenty five, and one hundred. The player’s balance is displayed in the bottom left corner so that players can see exactly how much money they have in game at any time.

Double Double Jackpot Betting Sizes

The minimum bet available in this game is 0.005. This means that players who are interested in playing with smaller bets are able to. The maximum bet for Double Double Jackpot is 25. That means players who are keen to make large bets are also catered for.

With the wide variety of betting options, this slot has appeal to many groups of players. The coin size for this game ranges from .05 to 5.

Double Double Jackpot Gameplay

In Double Double Jackpot, the player  at Spin casino Canada is using the hand that they have been dealt in order to play multiple hands of cards at the same time. The first step in accomplishing this is after the player has been dealt their cards. The player will then choose which cards they would like to hold and which cards they would like to throw away.

Once the player has done this, the second deal has been done, the various hands are looked at and any winnings the player receives are paid out into their credit pool. If the player has sufficient funds, they will then immediately be able to start another hand.