Online Casino Bonus

What Is An Online Casino Bonus?

These days you do not have to go to a brick and mortar casino in order to play casino games. As long as you have an internet connection, and a suitable device or computer you can play online casino Canada games right in your own home. The sites that offer this service are called online casinos. There are now hundreds of thousands of online casinos all over the world and thousands in the USA alone. To make themselves stand out from the competition online casinos offer a number of bonuses and promotions.

Where To Find An Online Casino Bonus

To find an online casino bonus you will need a couple of things. The first is of course something to access the casino on, and an internet connection. Once you have that sorted out you simply go onto your web browser and search for online casinos using a search engine. If you are using a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet you can use you app store to search for online casinos as well.

Once you have entered your search parameters, a vast amount of hits will come up. Narrow this down by entering your region for example the USA, and real money casino. Only real money casinos will offer you an online casino bonus.

Which Online casino bonus Do I Choose?

Most online casinos that work in real money will offer one kind of bonus or another. Most of these bonuses will come with a certain set of terms and conditions. To choose the online casino bonus that is right for you, you will need to read each ones terms and conditions quite carefully to make sure you understand and are ok with them.

Types Of Online Casino Bonus

There are a number of different types of online casino bonuses that various casinos offer. The first is a welcome bonus. This is aimed at attracting new players and can be comprised of various things. A common form is for the casino to match your initial deposit up to a certain percentage and a certain amount. For example some casinos will match your deposit 200% up a particular dollar amount.

No deposit bonuses are also to attract new players. These are dollar amounts that are given to you before you have to deposit anything into your account. These range from five dollars up to fifty dollars mostly, although some bigger ones can be found. No deposit bonuses usually come with quite strict terms and conditions

Game based bonuses are aimed at existing players. These are bonuses that are centred on certain games, for example slot machines. The casino will offer a certain percentage back in casino credits, VIP points or currency for playing certain games for a certain length of time or for a certain amount of money.

VIP programs are also aimed at existing players. These offer points which can be redeemed on things like free spins, casino credits or in the higher levels even prizes such as cruises.

Terms And Conditions

Online casino bonus will without fail come with a set of terms and conditions. These may be things like wager requirements. A wager requirement is the amount of times you have to wager your bonus before being able to draw it out of the casinos account. Other conditions may include not allowing you to withdraw any money that they give you. Many casinos will give you a bonus in casino credits only which have to be used at that particular casino.