Amaya Games Casino War

Amaya Games Casino War Card Game Is Unique

While gaming developers tend to take a back seat on the innovation and popularity train as other developers create newer game titles and more advanced gaming products, it is important for a developer to continue to reinvent the gaming wheel in order to stay ahead of the game.

One such gaming developer who continues to add unique and never-before-played games to the online gaming marketplace, and subsequently cements its position in the lead once again by doing this, is Amaya Games. Recently, a new gaming title from this developer has popped up on different online platforms and Amaya Games-powered online casino sites, and it goes by the name of Amaya Games Casino War casino game. So what is this game you ask?

Try Something New

So how does this gaming title contribute to Amaya Games’ already flourishing gaming portfolio and bring new online casino players to its products? How does this one exotic game freshen up the online casino market and spice up the mix of games already on offer? Well it does all that simply by being something unique. For a gaming experience unlike any other, try Amaya Games Casino War game.

Move aside table games, poker games, slots games, feature games, lotto games and scratch cards, as well as all other offerings which have been around the casino block for years, this new game is wetting players’ appetites. Amaya Games Casino War is a casino card game of the innovative kind.

Use This Guide When Starting Out

Although the Amaya Games Casino War game borders extreme simplicity, those who have never experienced this different online casino nz game would fare well to understand the intricacies of it before jumping in too confidently with false illusions of in-game understanding. Think back to your childhood and you’ll be reminded of memories where you played a certain game called War. This is similar to the recent game released by Amaya Casino where in a very short time, but an intense moment, two players bet on who will pick or draw the highest value card out of deck of cards.

The two players then pick a card each and reveal them at the same time. Whoever made the correct bet and guessed the right person to pick the highest card wins the game. Now place real money on this and a few more in-game technicalities and you have an even more intense game which leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat and then jumping out of it from shaken nerves. Are you ready to play Amaya Games Casino War now?

Click on the game version you would like to play and then place a wager amount. There is a betting circle displayed on the screen where you place your bets. There is a minimum wagering requirement that is dictated by the table and players need to adhere to this. The value of the cards is similar to the values found in the game of poker. If you are only playing against the bank, then the bank and you will go face each in the battle of the cards. Generally, Amaya Games Casino War game presents players with a 50/50 chance of winning, with tie wins rarely happening.