Cash N Clovers

Amaya Games Cash N Clovers Slot

The much-anticipated Amaya Games Cash N Clovers online slot game is now offered by well-known online gaming platforms and brings a highly rewarding game to the screens of online players. Most slot games generally are rewarding most of the time, and in fact reward frequently with payouts stacking up fast, but this game in particular is that much more generous in its rewards.

Top this off with some awesome online slots real money Canada secrets to really enhance your gameplay and you’re bound to conquer the reels on Amaya Games Cash N Clovers slot game in no time and take home that sought-after grand prize. Even if you don’t get that prize which all slot players want, just spinning the reels on the Amaya Games Cash N Clovers casino game and immersing in hours of effortless free fun and excitement is like hitting the gold jackpot anyway.

What Makes This Slot Game Rewarding

By just being a slot game of this high calibre and possessing the best in-game design and technology, an exceptional gaming experience is discovered which is rewarding in itself.  However, for that extra rewarding feeling and inner scream when the winning bells go off, let us look at and encourage real money play which offers outstanding rewards and top-notch prize money. It is within the five reels of this Amaya Games Cash N Clovers slot game holds a whopping 100 pay lines. Players can choose the minimum amount to bet on or go for gold as they activate all 100 of them.

What make this game rewarding is the scatter symbols which activate free spins when landing collectively on the reels. The wild symbol in the game replaces other icons on the reels to reveal winning combos of similar symbols. Adding to the potential riches is the multipliers that come in different values and multiply your winnings accordingly. Adding to the Irish pot of gold on the Amaya Games Cash N Clovers online slot game are the expanding wilds, an improvement of standard wild symbols found on traditional slots, which sometimes cover the entire reel grid for mega payouts. Also offering slot players frequent monetary relief during gameplay are the well-received credit awards.

How To Claim The Ultimate Reward

Claiming the ultimate reward in this Irish-themed, clover-decorated Amaya Games Cash N Clovers slot game means taking a risk and spinning the reels with a little faith. Big risk means big rewards, so to claim that big prize you need to activate all 100 pay lines and choose the maximum coin bet per line.

One may think this accumulates quickly and is a bit severe on the wallet, but the payback if achieved rewards in doubles, sometimes triples or even greater values. If you get the game’s logo on all five of the green painted reels at one time and you have betted everything you have in your online casino account, then you will then be able to claim the ultimate reward which amounts to a staggering 5 000 coins. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why the Amaya Games Cash N Clovers online slot game is a rewarding one for all players.