Peacock Princess Slot Game

Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot

Peacock Princess is a creation from Aristocrat games at the best mobile casino Australia and forms part of their Sparking Jackpots range. This game is renowned for its generous pay outs and its captivating gameplay.

Aristocrat designs most of their slots themselves, but Peacock Princess was outsourced and Scott Olive from the High Roller Games Group designed this exceptional land based slot.

Betting Amounts and Game Theme

One would think that the Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot features one avatar, but interesting enough the stars of this online slot is both a princess and a peacock. These two make appearances throughout the game and the Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot is filled with colourful designs and the graphics are state of the art to say the least.

Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot is an online poker game that has betting options ranging from 1c to much bigger denominations. This game brings along anything from 20 paylines and your bet amount obviously affects your winnings at the end of the day.

Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot boasts with 6 jackpots, subdivided into 2 sections. For the more conservative player who bets on the lower end of the spectrum, the lower half of the jackpots will come into play. These jackpots deliver winnings of anything from 10 coins to 100 coins, depending on your bet amount.

The second tier of jackpots is for those of you who risked a bit more and played higher bets. These high level jackpots pay out anything from 500 coins to thousands of coins, also depending on your bet amount.

Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot has planned their jackpots so well that you can win on the jackpots alongside normal reel winnings, so if you look at total winnings, this online slot pays exceptionally well.

Interface And Online Availability

Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot is easy to navigate and you can view the pay-table in order to familiarise yourself with the winning combinations and pay out amounts.

You can also easily adjust the bet amount and view your total winnings at any point in time.

Unfortunately Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot is not available for online play, but this well designed and intriguing slot can be played at various land based casinos.

Peacock Princess Bonus Features

The Sparkling Jackpot range of slots, including Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot, boasts with impressive free spins rounds. This is an interactive round where the players have some say in how this round turns out, rather than just being awarded a certain amount of free spins.

If you are leaning towards the conservative side, then you should go for the 4 pre-set options where you can go for more spins combined with a lower multiplier or a higher multiplier and less spins. The 4 options available for Peacock Princess are set out below:

  • Option 1 yields 20 free spins and comes with either 2,3 or 5 times multiplier
  • Option 2 yields 15 free spins and comes with either 3,5 or 8 times multiplier
  • Option3 yields 10 free spins and comes with either 10,15 or 20 times multiplier
  • Option 4 yields 5 free spins and comes with either 10,15 or 20 times multiplier

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can go for the mystery option, where the computer will award you with a fixed set of free spins and a predetermined multiplier.