How to Play Mobile Pai Gow Poker Game

Mobile pai gow poker manages to combine the domino-tile game from the Ancient Chinese with the classic, all-American card game of poker that is so beloved the world round. It manages to combine player’s luck with their grasp of strategy in a perfect mix, and allows for some serious wins when Lady Luck is hovering nearby.

The Rules for Pai Gow Poker

Mobile pai gow poker is a game played with a full deck of 53 cards, including the joker, which acts as a wild card able to complete winning hand combinations like straights; flushes; straight flushes and royal flushes. If it is not used in this manner it is also able to work as an ace.

Before players begin their mobile pai gow poker game they will need to place a wager. This is done by selecting their chip size and then selecting the bet button that will be displayed, with each click of this button increasing the size of the wager by one chip in certain cases. Once the desired bet amount has been reached, the deal button needs to be selected and play can begin.

The player and the dealer will each receive seven cards, with the player’s face-up, the dealer’s face-down. The next step is to split these hands into two, one representing the highest hand of five cards possible, and one representing the second-highest, made up of two cards. Players do this by selecting the two cards for the latter pack, although sometimes the game’s software will allow players to do this by automatically selecting the two lowest cards for him or her with the click of a button.

After the hand has been split, the play button will need to be clicked, and the cards the dealer has been holding will be displayed. If the player’s highest and second-highest hands beats then dealer’s hands, then he or she will win the game. If only one of the player’s hands has beat the dealer’s then the game is tied.

Although the cards that the player is dealt are purely a matter of chance, the splitting of the hands is where the strategy for mobile pai gow poker comes into play, and it is this mix that has players from all around the world heading towards the casinos who provide it in droves.

Playing Pai Gow Poker on the Go

Thanks to how quickly mobile technology has been advancing in recent years, there are very few things that people these days are unable to do by means of their smartphones or tablet devices, from work-related tasks like emailing and scheduling meetings to entertainment like social media and, of course, real money online gambling.

The safety and security of players’ online real money transactions is kept protected by the very same 128-bit data-encryption technology that the users of other platforms make use of, and, if the device’s security settings are at their recommended levles, especially when public networks are being used, players are kept totally protected. Players are thus able to enjoy mobile pai gow poker completely risk free.