L’Arc Casino in Macau Review

L’Arc Casino is owned by Sociedade de Jogos de Macau Holdings, and opened its doors in 2009. Its name comes from L’Arc De Triomphe in Paris, and this Macau Dynasty area resort was supposed to echo the landmark’s neoclassical design.

The lower portion of the building is indeed a well-designed mix of Italian and French styles, but the top 2 thirds are quite anonymous. Nevertheless, every floor of the interior is quite opulently decorated and guests enjoy 5-star treatment and perks in every way.

Playing at L’Arc Casino

The most popular casino games in Macau are real money blackjack Australia, Baccarat and Sic Bo, and these can be enjoyed along with Craps at L’Arc. Most game minimums fall into the mid range, while the 14-table high limit Baccarat section is the most expensive area in the casino.

Baccarat is the Table Game that gets the most attention at L’Arc, with the second playing floor predominantly made up of tables that belong to unaffiliated VIP companies. There are 4 Baccarat tables, for example, that belong to Wa Chi, an independent VIP junket.

There are also about 150 Slots machines to explore and enjoy, with minimum stakes that range from 0.2 to 1.0. Electronic Sic Bo and Roulette games, with minimums of 10.0, can also be found in the Slots area.

Every wager at the casino earns points on L’Arc’s Player Card, which can be exchanged for room, food, transportation and other comps. The basic idea is that the more bets players place, the more they will enjoy themselves.

Staying at L’Arc Casino

Several different room and suite options are available at L’Arc, from a Deluxe Single Room all the way to a Presidential Suite. Each room features a wide range of amenities, including LCD televisions. High-quality banquet and meeting facilities make it possible to host different types of events at the venue, and guest can also enjoy recreational sports facilities and a full-service spa.

The outdoor pool on the ninth floor and the casino’s 3 retail outlets offer more to do during the day, and there is a wide array of restaurants to choose from as well. These are all appropriately Eastern-themed, and very reasonably priced. Full House offers general traditional Chinese fare, while the Chinese Restaurant specialises in Guangdong dishes. Coffee Shop deals in buffet dining and Toei Delights in Japanese delicacies, with the Old Shanghai Restaurant completing the group of eateries.

Entertainment at L’Arc Casino

The Adventure Land on the third floor should keep children from 4 to 12 years amused, and offers a play land area and video games.

In keeping with L’Arc Casino’s theme and the rest of its hospitality style there are no Western-style bars, but guests can celebrate their wins or frown their sorrows at L’Arc Lounge and Club 9 Nightclub & Karaoke. The Lounge serves drinks and small desserts, while Club 9 offers private Karaoke rooms.

The entertainment and other activities at L’Arc definitely add more options of things to do, but they don’t detract from the main point of the resort. It’s intended for serious players, especially those who favour Baccarat.