Megadeth Online Slots Review in Detail

Megadeth online casino slot by Amaya games is a five reel and forty payline slot based on the American thrash metal band by the same name. This band was actually formed in nineteen eighty three by bassist David Ellefson and guitarist Dave Mustaine. If Mustaine’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he used to play for Metallica before he was kicked out of the band. It is widely accepted that Megadeth was and still is a pioneer in creating the thrash metal scene and is said to be one of the big bands that now dominate the genre. Other bands that also play in this scene include Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer. Thrash metal itself is known to be quite technical in its execution with fast rhythm and very involved arrangements of both music and vocals. Generally, the subject matter is on the darker side and includes war, death, politics and religion.

The art style presented in this slot is a three dimensional theme with actual pictures of instruments, settings and band members. In the background, the player can see a large stage scene. The typical glowing orange stage lights are present and surrounded by a thick fog. Scaffolding and staging structure can also be seen and the whole picture fades from the stage into a black gradient with some lens flare highlights.

At the top of the reel of the Casino slots game, there is a rotating information area that gives the player tips and information about the game. One such message displayed is “win up to 15 free spins in the bonus hanger 18”. This is nice for players who are interested in getting the most out of their playing time. Surrounded the reels are a metal border with eight chains riveted to it. It appears as if these chains are suspended the entire playing area. Given the theme of this slot, it is quite appropriate for the setting.

Below the reels the player can adjust their line bet. They are also shown their total bet, info, total win, and balance. The spin button is in bright green in the bottom right corner and is quite hard to miss.

Megadeth Symbols

The symbols in this slot are a mix of musical elements as well as some of the members of the current band. The lower value symbols include a speaker, a guitar pick, a drum, a white guitar, a black guitar and a flying v style of guitar.

The high value symbols include band member Shawn Drover, Chris Broderick and David Ellefson. There is also a Megadeth logo as well as Dave Mustaine who serves as the wild symbol. The final symbol is a skull which serves as a bonus symbol.

Megadeth Bonus Features

This slot has a slew of bonus features including the mega nudge feature, the Vic Rattlehead Bonus, a free spins bonus feature as well as the head crusher.

Most of these features are pretty straight forward, but the mega nudge feature is quite interesting. The player must opt in with an extra bet before spinning. Once they have done this, the game with auto-nudge reels two, three and four up to three times in order to make the biggest win for the player.