Find out More about the South Carolina Education Lottery

The South Carolina Education Lottery was begun in the year 2002, and is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association, or MUSL, the organisation that is most well known for Powerball. Like the majority of USA lotteries it took part in the cross-sell lottery expansion, which happened on the 31st of January 2010, adding the Mega Millions game to those it already had available for players to enjoy.  Players are required to be at least 18-years old in order to purchase tickets for this lottery, and there are several games that are linked to it, including Pick 3; Pick 4; Palmetto Cash 5 and many different scratch tickets.

Current Draw Games for the Lottery

The South Carolina Education Lottery’s Pick 3 has two draws every day, one which takes place in the morning and another at night, except Sundays, where no morning draw is offered. This game requires that players select three sets of digits from the available pool of numbers zero through nine. The prizes; prizes and options all vary.

The South Carolina Education Lottery Image

Like online betting Australia having sports wagering variety, South Carolina Education Lottery’s Pick 4 game also has 13 draws occurring each week, but players will be selecting a four-digit group of numbers. Prizes; prices and options will also vary in this game.

The South Carolina Education Lottery Palmetto Cash 5 draws are held on a daily basis too. A total of five from a pool consisting of numbers from one through to 38 are drawn to reveal the winning digits. It also offers a Power-Up Multiplier that will arbitrarily be drawn from 16 balls, with eight balls marked with a two; five with a three; two with a four and one with a five. The Palmetto Cash 5 games cost $1 each, and adding the Power Up option will cost the player an extra dollar per game. The jackpots for this game start at $100 000 and, unlike the Megaplier that Mega Millions makes use of and Powerball’s PowerPlay, the Power-Up Multiplier for the Palmetto Cash 5 will also apply to the jackpot.

Winners of the South Carolina Lottery

Players who manage to end up successfully playing the South Carolina Education Lottery will need to sign the winning ticket in the space provided for this on the back of the ticket. These are known as bearer instruments, which mean that if a ticket is misplaced before it is signed the person who finds it is able to cash it in.

South Carolina Education Lottery retailers are able to award prizes up to $500 in cash; store cheque or money order, or a combination of these. Winnings that exceed this amount but are less than $100 000 will need to be claimed by mail or at the Claims Centre in Columbia. This entails filling out a form and including a copy of a picture-identification card like a driver’s license; passport; or state or military ID, and mailing this as a registered letter to the Columbia Claims Centre. Winnings that exceed $100 000 must be collected in person at the Columbia Claims Centre.