A Relevant Guide to Playing Max Damage Online Slot

The theme of space is always an interesting one, especially in this day and age when space travel is such a realised and exercised possibility. On slot games the theme creates quite an interesting atmosphere as the developers can experiment quite excessively with the sound effects, visual and graphics.

With Max Damage slot game the developers involved were big shots Microgaming, who have been around and involved in the industry for a good long while and been known to produce some rather beautifully themed slot games. This casino slot may not be their best work, but it has some cool aspects and bonus features like Wilds and free spins so there are perks to playing and enjoying this online slots game.

A Look at Max Damage Theme Portrayal

The story in this slot seems to be following the space adventures of Max Damage himself, both the lead and the title, and is therefore unsurprisingly layered with different levels of space affiliated theme. The backdrop to the slot shows a view of the planet earth from what must be the captain’s spaceship, while the sound effects attach themselves to specific events on the reels, allowing for an exciting tempo increase during wins and the like as well as an overall space themed atmosphere. But to be honest, the real thematic ammunition for a slot game comes from the reels and symbols thereon.

In Max Damage slot game there are several space themed symbols that help to create the setting on the reels. The main ones are the planet earth, two different types of spaceship and the titular captain Max himself. It probably wouldn’t be a Microgaming slot though if it didn’t have some properly themed playing cards as the lower valued symbols of the game.

The setup of this slot is 5 reels and 243 ways to win rather than any standard pay lines system at internet casinos. This essentially means that wins can be formed as long as matching symbols, two or more, land on adjacent reels from left to right. This usually only begins from the first, left most reel.

Space Bonus Features in Max Damage

Even slot games that take players through space in an anti gravity adventure require a few bonuses just to give the action on the reels a little something extra. In Max Damage the bonus features available are a Wild symbol and a free spins feature. The Wild is simply a Wild symbol, which can substitute for other game symbols except the bonus scatter. This helps players accrue quite a few more wins especially with 243 ways to win.

The free spins feature is triggered through the Alien spaceship Scatter symbol. 3 of these triggers 15 free spins and a 2 times multiplier during these. Additionally spaceships will randomly visit the reels and trigger spontaneous Wilds to add to the feature. The way this works during the free spins randomly a spaceship will fly by the reels after a spin, Max Damage the character then shoots these to turn them into cash prizes and then they turn into Wilds and land on the reels, potential turning the last spin into something more lucrative.