Describing about the Strategy for Online Roulette Players

Unseasoned roulette players tend to put very little thought into how they approach the wheel. As far as they’re concerned, all guesses are completely blind in this game of chance.

If you spend enough time around the roulette table, however, you’ll begin to notice that some players just seem to win more often. Observe these practised punters for long enough and you’ll see that they are working with a roulette strategy.

Just because the outcome of each spin is basically impossible to predict, doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game smartly. This means knowing your game inside and out, being aware of table minimums, watching house edges, choosing your rules carefully, and possibly even utilising a betting system.

Get to Know the Game of Roulette

Fortunately, roulette is a relatively basic game. But you’re not just going to walk up to the wheel and know exactly what’s going on without first doing a little research. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, this could cause anxiety and confusion during play, which may lead to poor betting decisions.

A good roulette strategy is founded on a thorough understanding of the wheel, the table layout, the terminology used by the dealer, and various roulette rules. There are four roulette variations: French, American, European and Atlantic City rules. Start building your roulette strategy by familiarising yourself with all of them.

Start with the Table Minimum

Most casinos, both online and offline, apply table minimums to their games. The table minimum refers to the lowest possible bet you may place on the game. A good roulette strategy for beginners is to find the game with the lowest table minimums and stick to the minimum. That way, you can play for longer with less risk involved. You can keep at this roulette strategy even when you move on to games with higher table minimums.

American roulette wheels tend to offer lower table minimums than European wheels – use this as your guide when applying your roulette strategy.

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Be Aware of the House Edge

You may be wondering why you should ever progress to a game with a lower table minimum. Well, aside from the fact that a higher table minimum means higher payouts if you win, the games with higher minimums also tend to have lower house edges.

The house edge is the extent to which the odds are swayed in the casino’s favour. A good roulette strategy will involve seeking out on the most favourable house edge you can afford, depending on the table minimum.

The more experienced you become, the more your roulette strategy can focus on house edges instead of table minimums. Single-zero European roulette wheels offer lower house edges than their double-zero American cousins.

Win Your Money Back with French Roulette

Your roulette strategy should definitely include seeking out French roulette on a regular basis. That’s because French roulette’s house edge is further diminished by the en prison rule.

To put it very simply, the en prison or half-back rule allows you, if your ball lands on zero, to either get half your bet back or take a risk to win back the whole thing. The en prison rule also slows down the game considerably, which can be a great help as you work on your roulette strategy.

Try a Roulette Betting System

There are numerous betting systems that you might want to incorporate into your roulette strategy later on while playing at Just remember that no system is fool-proof so your roulette strategy should always contain a considerable element of caution.