Marilyn’s Poker 2 Details for Online Casino Players

Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker game is another release by Novomatic. The gaming company has already released two slots with a Marilyn Monroe theme, and these are Marilyn’s Diamonds and Marilyn Red Carpet. With Marilyn’s Poker, Novomatic expanded to include the Monroe theme in video poker games, and Marilyn’s Poker 2 represents the upgrade of this original game.

The video poker games by Novomatic were originally designed with a land-based audience in mind, and hence remain simple and easy to play, even in their online versions. The Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker game is available as a free online video poker game like blackjack on the web.

Upgraded, Improved Game Play

There are a few basic differences between the original Marilyn’s Poker and the Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker. For starters, the upgrade of the game includes new graphics that are of a higher quality, providing players with a more pleasurable gaming experience.

Also, there are a few other differences that have to do with standard game play. For instance, Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker game includes a mini bonus, which is applied to a hand of jacks or better, which may include two Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. This mini bonus only pays out after the second round of cards played. This mini bonus also changes on every deal and increases every time it is won, acting as a sort of multiplier in the game.

How to Play Marilyn’s Poker 2

How to Play the Casino Game

Like making bets to play no download pokies, in order to play Marilyn’s Poker 2, players will have to place their bets through a number of coins, ranging from forty to ten thousand. The value of the coins is determined by the online casino. Once players begin the game, they will receive the first five cards. Then, the player may either choose to stick with the cards dealt, or to change any number of the cards for other cards without any extra charge. If the player decides to change, the virtual croupier will make the changes and the player will receive the final hand. The change of cards can only occur once. If a winning combination is held in hand, the relevant winning will be paid out.

The Basics of the Casino Game

As in the original Marilyn’s Poker game, Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker game is comprised of fifty two cards and a game joker, which, in this game, features the figure of Marilyn Monroe. In order to win the game, players will have to land various poker hands. The traditional poker combinations apply to Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker.

Players will then begin winning by landing two pairs. The highest traditional poker payout occurs with the Royal Flush. In addition to the traditional poker hands, Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker also includes an additional poker combination, which is made possible through the inclusion of the Marilyn Monroe joker. This additional combination is achieved by landing a hand of five matching cards, that is, by landing a Four of a Kind, four cards with the same value, and the one additional joker. Landing this Marilyn’s Poker 2 video poker combination will result in the game’s highest payout.