The Boney Parts of Napolean

As the name suggests, the online slot Napoleon Boney Parts from NextGen Gaming is a parody of the famous French general and emperor. It has a somewhat ghoulish sense of humour, with the reels flanked by skeletal French soldiers standing on a mound of skulls, while bones and skulls feature prominently in the game symbols too. This is only fitting, when one considers the hundreds of thousands killed by Napoleon’s wars in Europe. The same mix of upbeat and ghastly is maintained in the music and sound effects.

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Give Thanksgiving For the Wild Turkey Slot Wins

With Christmas around the corner and turkeys set to feature on every family dinner table, it’s a good time for gaming developers to take advantage of this popular bird and use it in the Wild Turkey slot game available at many online casino sites. While turkeys feature without a heartbeat on the table on Christmas, in this five-reel, uniquely themed slot game they are alive and amped up energetically to hurry along their virtual journey towards a mountainous landscape.

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Making a Wish for Real Money Slots

The Wish Master online slot machine from NetEnt games software developer is one game which encapsulates all the magic, hype and authenticity of Vegas, the casino hotspot of the globe. So how does this slot game encapsulate all the elements and characteristic of Vegas within its gameplay and how does it provide the same gaming experience enjoyed by those in Vegas.

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Wonkey Slots Remind You of Winning Times

Themed around rabbits and featuring these little creatures in all their fluffy, adorable glory makes for a light-hearted and youthful slot game. In a casino world where slots are becoming more and more realistic, sometimes bordering on the dark or serious kind, sometimes to come across a slot such as the Wonky Rabbits online game is refreshing breather for this seeking childlike fun.

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Nothing Like Playing Blackjack in Vegas

The game of Vegas Downtown Blackjack is so named because it is the casino, or online version of the style of Blackjack that used to be found in the Downtown area of Las Vegas, and some say that it still can be played there. It has always been a boast of this blackjack variant that this is the optimal game when it comes to low stakes blackjack, liberal rules, and consequently lower house odds, in the region of 0.4%.

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