Free Bingo Slots

Free Bingo Slots

Since its introduction into the world of online entertainment,traditional and modern casino gaming has gained huge popularity with casino goers due to innovative technology providing seamless gameplay. Players at Australian gambling online now have the opportunity to access their favourite classic casino games, as well as the plethora of new releases that hit the internet every year.

With popularity increasing at such a rapid rate, online casinos across the globe have provided players with a large number of playing and winning opportunities. This has ultimately caused an increase in classic game variations, such as free bingo slots. Free bingo slots are available for players to enjoy two of their favourite casino games in one online vegas-style gaming environment.

Free Online Bingo

Pretty much exactly like the game of Bingo, online bingo games are extremely popular, and not simply because they can be accessed anytime and anywhere, but because players can also play for free. While there are a number of ways to play bingo the object of the game remains the same, with only a few variations between different bingo games (American bingo vs European Bingo).

There are always a number of balls in play, with each player holding a card of typically 5×5 squares (the centre square is often marked free). The letters of the word bingo will usually sit at the top of the card in order for each letter to correspond with each of the columns on that card. The objective is for players to mark off as many numbers as they can to achieve a desired pattern (normally a single line appearing vertically, horizontally or diagonally).

Free Online Slots

Ultimately, online slot machines are land-based fruit machines that have been optimised to play on a device that has internet access, such as a PC or laptop, and more recently a mobile device. Revolutionary technology has ensured that developers start providing gamers with their favourite casino slot games without actually having to enter a casino.

Online slot machines have quickly become one of the most favoured options on offer when it comes to online casino gaming, with an exceptionally large range of online slot machines. Nowadays, these games are considered the best choice if a player is looking for small risks and big rewards, offering some of the biggest payouts known to the world of online casino gaming.

Free Bingo Slots

A tasteful combination of creativity and innovation has provided players with the amazing opportunity to access two of their best-loved casino games, and the convenience in gameplay is not only highlighted when you don’t have to visit two separate games, but when you can do so from the comfort of your couch. There are a number of online hotspots that sport the finest free bingo slots entertainment for players to enjoy without having to risk any of their own money, whether it is through a welcome bonus or simply a free game.

Free bingo slot are called Class II slot machines that allow a player to play bingo between other players in the casino. The numbers are drawn at random by a computer and wins are determined depending on the players bingo pattern, or whether it is a rare bingo hit. The video slot brings in the entertainment aspect and will generally spell bingo across the reels, showing a the amount a player wins on their bingo card. The odds in free bingo slots are usually the same as those found in regular online slots.

Flame Dancer Slot Game by Novomatic

Flame Dancer Slot Game by Novomatic

Based on the exciting Fire Dance that is performed in Hawaiian and Samoan cultures, the Flame Dancer slot game by Novomatic is available online as well as on mobile devices, in order to allow players to access unlimited casino online Colombia entertainment conveniently, and can be played for free or for real money. The Fire Dance originally started with a knife dance in Samoa, that soon progressed to including fire as well.  This performance was actually a pre-war ritual that was used to encourage warriors before battle.

The Flame Dancer slot game by Novamac uses many aspects of this to create a consistent theme, with 5×3 reels, 20 paylines and a number of bonus features offering players enjoyable and enticing gameplay. Among the bonus features are expanding wilds, a gamble feature and free spins with additional wild symbols.

Theme and Interface

The Flame Dancer slot game by Novomatic displays an attractive interface accompanied by well-rendered 3D animations that come to life with every winning combination. The backdrop features an illustration that is extremely easy on the eyes, with a deep blue ocean resting in front of the ever-famous, beautiful volcanic island of Hawaii at sunset – the perfect time to Fire Dance.

Players will find it easy to navigate around the Flame Dancer slot game by Novomatic, with only a few buttons needed to for players to complete a wide range of actions, including a button to find out information on the paytables, another to determine how much a player is going to bet and one for how many paylines they wish to bet on and more.

Fire Dancer Expanding Wilds

The Flame Dancer slot game by Novomatic offers players a number of bonus features, with the Fire Dancing expanding wild being one of them. The Fire Breather symbol is the game’s wild symbol and can substitute for every symbols other than the scatter symbol. The wild symbol will also expand across all the positions of the reel it lands on creating higher winning opportunities.

Flame Dancer Slot Game Symbols

The symbols in the the Flame Dancer slot game by Novomatic are made up of bright colours and well-designed imagery of all things to do with this fantastic ceremony, from drums to the fire sticks themselves. Flame Dancers symbols are made up of high value, bonus and low value symbols.

The game’s high value symbols are made up of a beautiful image of the island’s volcano, a set of drums, a guitar and a cocktail in a coconut, while the low value symbols are comprised of high value classic cards including the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 symbols. The bonus symbols are made up of a wild, displaying a young Fire Dancer and the scatter symbol which displays flaming sticks.

Fire Sticks Scatter Feature

The Fire Sticks that appear on the reels in the base game of Flame Dancer slot games by Novomatic is the scatter symbol. When a player lands 3 or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, they will trigger a bonus round of 7 Free Spins. The additional free games also come with extra wild symbols and increase a player’s chance at landing winning combinations.

Experience a Unique Gaming Environment at Emu Casino

Experience a Unique Gaming Environment at Emu Casino

At Emu Casino players can uncover an online casino experience that is unlike any other on the internet, with the casino’s logo that sports a harmlessly eccentric emu character being a direct and clear illustration of this. Players will experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino with an Australian theme that permeates throughout the casino, from the quirky logo character to the branding and the design on their homepage.

Australian players have endless access to a number of online casinos where downloading the software allows a player to place their first bet or start spinning those reels. Emu Casino gives players the opportunity to play more than 800 casino games instantly, and though restricted to English with regards to languages, players have the opportunity to choose from Sterling, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and even Euros when playing, meaning that Emu Casino can be enjoyed by players outside of Australia.

Emu Gaming Environment

Players are sure to experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino with thanks to more than just their branding. Emu Casino has proven to be rather dedicated to a high standard of customer service, with agents that are available online or via the telephone 24/7. Both the security and the banking options ensure that all players’ funds and information remain safe and secure, while guaranteeing an easy manner to manage accounts.

This casino is both owned and operated by the Emu Group Ltd. and is certified with a registration and a license from the Government of Curacao. They have also received a prestigious safety and fairness certification from eCOGRA, meaning high standards would generally be maintained throughout this online casino.

Emu Casino Games

Much like many mobile casinos Kenya that use the Microgaming layout – Emu Casino has essentially customised the visual interface, however the mechanics still ultimately stay the same. Moreover, players are given a choice of whether they wish to enjoy the online Flash casino for an instant play or they would prefer to download the software.

Due to the fact that Emu Casino performs on a Microgaming platform, players are able to access an exceptionally large number of online casino games, from classics to the latest and hottest releases. Players can experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino however, with this specific casino displaying updated selections and highlighting their own best-loved picks on the main site. The selection of games doesn’t simply boast a range of online slots but also a number of table games, scratch cards that are referred to as scratchies and more.

Bonuses and Rewards

With various bonuses and rewards, it’s no wonder players are ensured that they will experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino. Any new players are able to claim a [cysm]3 cash bonus to play on selected games as well as a 100% match welcome bonus for those that make a deposit of more than [cysm]100, a match of 50% for those that make a 2nd deposit of 200, and 80% for a 3rd deposit of up to 125.

Players can don’t have to fear that the bonuses end after their 3rd deposit with Emu casino offering silver, gold and platinum levels of the Emu VIP Club as well as Casino Races and much more.

Exotic Bets Explained

What are exotic bets?

When we hear about a bettor that has walked away with an exorbitant payout at the races, we can almost always assume that an exotic bet was placed. Exotic bets are a form of horse betting that requires a bettor to predict the outcome of more than one factor. So instead of betting on which horse will win, bettors can bet on the order of the winners. The odds that accompany these bets are huge as the probability of accurately predicting the outcome of these races is pretty low. This being said, many bettors prefer these bets over any other horse betting as the rewards are astounding.

Types of exotic bets

There are four main types of exotic bets, each having different probabilities attached to them and offering different odds. These bets form the basis of a single race. Multi race bets are also available, but will use very similar betting methods to the ones listed below.

An exacta bet

With and exacta bet bettors will place a bet on the two horses that will finish first and second in the race. The order that these horses complete the race in here is important to win the bet.

A quinella bet

This is where a bettor will wager on the two horses that will finish first and second however the order is not important. If both horses that were picked place first or second the bet will payout to the bettor.

A superfecta bet

A superfecta is any horse bettors best friend, the odds are very low on this type of betting, however it is absolutely worth the risk for any bettor. This is where a bettor will accurately predict the outcome of the race right down to the fourth horse. It holds a very low probability of winning however it is not unheard of and bettors that have won superfecta bets have received massive payouts for very little investment.

A trifecta bet

As the name suggests, bettors that place a trifecta bet will need to accurately predict the first, second and third horses in the race. The horses will need to finish in the order that the bettor picked in order for this bet to payout.

Multi race exotic bets

Multi race bets at online gambling Nigeria will offer any bettor that wants to take their exotic Geelong Cup betting further the opportunity to do so. Multi race bets are basically making any one of the four main betting types and spreading them across more than one race. For example, a bettor may try to predict the exacta for three races, instead of one. This will increase the odds three times and will receive a massive payout if executed correctly. Bettors that do these bets can bet with a very low amount and walk away with jaw dropping amounts in payouts. With multi race bets, bettors may place wagers across three to six different races meaning that there is a possibility of increasing the of up to odds six times making the payout life changing.

eSports Explained

eSports explained to the everyday bettor

eSport is something that you will hear more and more often when you are making use of the top online betting sites that are freely available to any bettor in New Zealand. The question is, what are eSports exactly and how do they fit in with the online betting market. The fact is that these sports are taken as seriously and may offer as much in payouts as any other sport would. Bettors can bet on these sports in many different ways and win just as they would with traditional sports betting.

What are eSports?

eSports in short are games that are played electronically. Popular sports like football or cricket, require that a person physically walks onto a field and plays the game at hand. With eSports, players that are taking part will do this by means of a computer or console and will play the game in a virtual reality. Popular eSports like DotA or Call of Duty have massive audiences around the world and will in fact have fans that support these games just the same way that a football fan would.

How do you get started?

Bettors that have a keen interest in casino online Nigeria eSports betting can make use of any of the top online sports betting sites that New Zealand has to offer. This will allow them the opportunity to bet on eSports and to further understand how these sports are played as well as what odds are offered for the different games that are available.

How to bet on eSports?

Perhaps the easiest method of betting on these popular sports in New Zealand is to bet on the outcome of a specific eSports match up. This is when a bettor will attempt to predetermine which player or will be victorious when the eSport is completed. This is a popular form of betting across all sports as it is easy to understand and still offers great odds to all bettors as you’ll learn in online sports betting guides.

Why should you bet on eSports?

The online betting scene in New Zealand has seen a massive growth in the popularity of these sports. This means that there is money to be made when betting on these sports and any bettor that wants to win big should take advantage of this. eSports betting offers any bettor a fun and safe way to bet online whilst allowing them the possibility of winning bigger and better than ever.

So, in conclusion

Online betting and eSports go hand in hand and offer any bettor in New Zealand the opportunity to win big. Getting started is simple and easy and placing bets on these popular sports is equally as pleasing. eSports are growing in popularity, not just in New Zealand but all over the globe.  This means that any bettor that takes part in this fun and exciting form of online betting will be able to grow from strength to strength as this form of online betting just becomes more and more popular.

Viking’s Voyage

Raiding-Themed Online Slot Viking’s Voyage

Slot fans who enjoy the more disreputable bits of history are a natural fit for the video slot Viking’s Voyage, developed by online casino nz games designer Real Time Gaming, or RTG. Against a backdrop of Viking long ships taking on an untamed ocean, the five reels spin in a simple gold frame, offering players 20 paylines. The emphasis is on the booty to be won and the fearless voyages undertaken by these outstanding seafarers, rather than the ruthless blood and gore of the piratical raids with which they acquired their loot.

Players can adjust the number of Viking’s Voyage paylines they bet on, and the bet per line can be set at a number of increments between 1 and 500 credits. The minimum bet is thus 1 credit per spin, but this only engages 1 payline. A more sensible bet on a low budget would be 1 credit per line across all 20 lines, which remains affordable, but increases the winning possibilities immensely. High rollers, of course, can bet up to 10,000 credits per spin.


Four Themed Ordinary Symbols

The higher-value Viking’s Voyage symbols all win prizes for two matches or better: 2 credits for two golden chalices or two gold coins, and 5 credits for two battle axes or two Viking women. For five of a kind, these symbols win 500, 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 credits, respectively.

The Viking’s Voyage Wild is a Viking warrior with flowing blond beard and horned helmet. He is found only on Reels 1 and 5, but can substitute for any of the ordinary symbols to complete more winning combinations whenever he appears.

Detailed Artwork and Simple Animations

While RTG is careful to make sure Viking’s Voyage is filled with colourful symbols drawn in fine detail, the developer hasn’t added much else to pique visual interest. Some simple animations celebrate wins, with an added roar of victory from the Viking Wild whenever he is involved in a win.

There are six card values used in Viking’s Voyage, from 9 to A, each designed as a see-through window into a seascape and horizon. The seas are all different colours according to the symbol value, from the emerald green 9 to the deep cobalt blue A. These symbols are grouped in pairs with matched values: three, four or five 9s or 10s, for example, win 5, 15 or 200 credits. Five Js or five Qs win 250 credits, and five Ks or five As win 300.

Longboat Scatter Offers Varied Bonuses

A Viking longboat under sail is the Viking’s Voyage Scatter. Although Scatters do not have to be on the same payline, they must appear on consecutive reels, left to right from Reel 1, to score any wins. Three, four or five Scatters pay an immediate multiplier of the total bet on the spin: X2, X5 or X25, respectively. Three or more Scatters also trigger a bonus round of 10 free games.

During free spins, 1 or more Scatter in succession from Reel 1 also wins an instant prize, from 1 to 25 credits, and if two or more Scatters occur consecutively from Reel 1, they also re-trigger the spin a random number of times, from 1 to 10. During these re-spins, the original Reels containing Scatters that triggered the re-spin are locked, so the player can make extra winning combos on each re-spin. Like several RTG slots online, Viking’s Voyage also has a progressive jackpot. It can be triggered at random at any time during play.

Warlock’s Spell

Magical Riches in Warlock’s Spell Online Slot

In their forbidding stone chamber lit with weird ultraviolet light, a witch and warlock practise their occult charms in the RTG slot game Warlock’s Spell. Apart from throwing magic spells of matching symbols to win prizes and mixing potions to determine bonuses, it has little storyline, but a pervasive air of mystic sorcery. It is available at mobile, online RTG casinos and online casino Singapore.

Warlock’s Spell features five reels and 20 paylines. RTG provides fairly basic animations after wins and before the bonus game, and an unimaginative slots soundtrack, but the 3D symbols are painted in attractive multi-coloured detail, and game play proceeds quite quickly in Auto Play mode. Players can bet from 1 to 500 credits per payline.

Familiar RTG Random Progressive Jackpot

A feature that will be familiar to fans of RTG slots is the progressive jackpot, which appears on the meter above the Warlock’s Spell reels. Depending on intervals between wins, this jackpot can be worth thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars.

However, there is no combination of symbols in Warlock’s Spell to trigger it; it is activated entirely randomly. So when playing Warlock’s Spell, the player could be awarded the progressive jackpot after any spin.

Two Wilds and a Variable Bonus

The witch appears on Reels 1, 2 or 3 and the warlock appears only on Reels 3, 4 or 5, but both function as Wilds in Warlock’s Spell. Not only can they substitute for any ordinary symbol to complete a winning combo, but players also win individual prizes for mixed runs of Wilds on a single payline. For one, two, three, four or five mixed Wilds from Reel 1, the prizes are 2, 20, 200, 2,500 or 10,000 credits.


A spell book serves as the Warlock’s Spell Scatter: for three, four or five appearances in any position, they win prizes of 2X, 20X or 100X the total spin bet. Three or more Scatters also trigger the bonus round, which begins with the Potion Prize Feature. The player is faced with a potion they must complete. Picking the correct ingredient triggers the free spins game immediately at the top level, but each time the player chooses an incorrect ingredient, the number of free spins in the bonus round decreases. Players can thus get between 100 and 8 free games.

Ten Ordinary Symbols in Base Play

The six poker-hand low-value symbols in Warlock’s Spell, the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, are created in a font with touches of both ancient Greece and Celtic runes, glowing in various colours in a field of stars to enhance the mystique. Paired as 9 and 10, J and Q, and K and A, each pair wins equal-value prizes for three, four or five matches in succession from Reel 1 on the same payline. The K and A win 10, 30 or 250 credits for each of the three possible combos.

Warlock’s Spell’s high-value themed icons win prizes for two or more matches on a payline, and the coruscating crystal ball and bilious green potion bowl are also paired in value. The win 3, 30, 250 or 500 credits for two, three, four or five matches. For the same sequences, the gold occult talisman wins 5, 100, 500 or 1,000 credits, and the spooky black cat wins 10, 100, 1,000 or 5,000 credits.

Wok And Roll Online Slots

Wok And Roll Online Slot’s Progressive Jackpots

Many of the video slot games from Real Time Gaming at online and mobile casinos feature a progressive jackpot. The RTG title Wok And Roll features two: a Minor Jackpot and a Major Jackpot. Either one can be triggered at random after any spin, adding another attraction to a game that features no story, but does provide cheerful artwork and music that both celebrate Chinese food.


Wok And Roll has five reels and 25 adjustable paylines, and players can set bets in seven increments from $0.01 to $5.00 per line. The bamboo-framed reels spin against a background fashioned as a typical Chinese restaurant, and there are no card values among the symbols. All the icons are based on common sights in Chinese eateries, including lots of delicious-looking food.

Eleven Ordinary Symbols in Play

Most of the 11 Wok And Roll symbols involved in payline combinations are grouped in sets with matching values. The cleaver, bok choi and wonton soup icons, for example, each win 5, 25 or 200 credits for three, four or five matches in succession from Reel 1 on the same payline. The spring rolls, steamed dumplings and shrimp fried rice win 5, 50 or 300 credits for the same combos, and the fortune cookies and steamed whole fish symbols are worth 10, 100 or 500 credits.

The last three ordinary symbols win prizes for two, three, four or five matches. The boxed noodles are worth 2, 15, 150 or 1,000 credits for these combinations, and the restaurant front-window icon wins 2, 25, 250 or 1,250 credits. The highest-value icon is a Chinese lady enjoying a meal, who wins 5, 100, 500 or 2,500 credits.

Chef Wild Wins up to 5,000 Credits

RTG games tend to refer to their Wilds as Substitutes, because they all function as stand-ins for any other ordinary symbols to complete winning combinations. A cheerful Chinese chef holding up a duck and a cleaver fulfils this role in Wok And Roll, and he also wins prizes of his own for Wild combinations from Reel 1 on the same payline. For two, three, four or five matches, the chef wins 10, 250, 1,250 or 5,000 credits.

Two Bonus Features

The chef Wild icon can also trigger Wok And Roll’s Chef Feature if three or more Wilds crop up scattered after a spin. This will trigger a round of online slots real money canada free spins, during which an extra Wild symbol can join the chef on the reels. If three or more of Wilds, of either type in any combo, occur scattered on a free spin, they trigger another 5 free spins, During the Chef Feature, any wins involving one or more Wild symbols to make the combo have their prizes doubled.

The Wok And Roll Scatter is the game logo, being stir-fried in a wok. Two or more in any position win multipliers of the total spin bet: X1, X3, X20 or X200. Three or more will activate a round of 8 free spins, which can be retriggered by another three Scatters. During each free spin, a multiplier on any prizes is randomly assigned at the top of the screen: X2, X3, X4, X5 or X10.

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand by RTG

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand by Realtime gaming is a game based around jacks or better five card draw poker.

Five card draw poker is often considered by many to be the simplest form of poker and it makes up the basis for most video poker games. Because of this, it’s sometimes the type of poker that is learned first by people that are new to the game of poker. While it is a popular form of the game to play at homes and social gatherings, it is not very often that the game is played at tournaments or casinos – expect in the form of video poker. Still, even in online casinos, Texas hold’em is often still the king in terms of popularity.

When playing five card draw poker on a video poker machine, such as is the case with this video poker game, the player is dealt five cards. After the player is dealt their five cards, they are allowed to keep or trade in as many cards as they would like. For instance, a player may be dealt a hand that includes a two, three, six, king, and king. In this case, the player might decide that they would like to trade in the two, three and six cards and keep the two king cards. After the player discards the cards they wish and holds on to the ones they wish to keep, they are given cards to replace the ones that they have discarded. In a game of five card draw played in real life, there is then a second round of betting that is done.

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand

In Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand, once the player has selected which cards they want to keep and the new cards are dealt, the round is over. What separates normal five card draw poker with Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand is that in Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand, the player is actually playing more than one hand at a time.

In addition to the cards that are displayed at the bottom of the screen, the player is also holding on to the same cards in other hands as well. When the player draws cards, they are then drawing cards for multiple hands with the same held cards being displayed across all hands.

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand Payouts

Like double bonus poli poker, Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand pays out bonus amounts on certain combinations of cards. The sets of cards that bonus payouts are made on include three different sets of combinations of four of a kind.

These first set is four fives, four sixes, four sevens, four eights, four nines, four tens, four jacks, four queen and four kings. The second set is four twos, four threes and four fours. The last set is four aces. There are other winning combinations available to the player but these are not included in the double double bonus. The highest payout on this video poker game is four thousand coins and that is awarded to the player if they manage to get a royal flush with a five coin bet.

Double Double Jackpot

Double Double Jackpot by RTG

Double Double Jackpot by Realtime Gaming is a one hundred hand and multi coin video poker variant. When the player loads up the game, they will see what looks like a rather involved layout. In the background, the player can see that this video poker game is a multi-hand variant as is displayed in a bright blue and orange neon sign. Above the sign are several black pots which have been filled to the top with shiny gold coins. The rest of the background is a simple black with a patterned green border.

At the top of the gaming area is the name of this game, Double Double Jackpot, and below that the player can see a large area in the centre where all of the card hands are to be displayed. The cards have the same cross thatch pattern as the border but they are blue and white instead of green. Below the card displayed face down in the middle of the screen, the player can see their current hand of five cards.

Under that there are several bits of information as well as some better options that the player can adjust. The first things to be displayed at the bottom are the player’s remaining credits, the players bet, the player’s total bet and the payout the player receives after a hand. There is also an option that allows for the game to quickly put down the cards in the form of a speed deal box that can be ticked. In addition, there is a yellow paytable button that will display information about the game if it is pushed as well as a bright red cashout button.

To the right of that is the bet one button, the draw button, and the bet max button. Even further to the right are different denominations of poker chips listed at five, twenty five, and one hundred. The player’s balance is displayed in the bottom left corner so that players can see exactly how much money they have in game at any time.

Double Double Jackpot Betting Sizes

The minimum bet available in this game is 0.005. This means that players who are interested in playing with smaller bets are able to. The maximum bet for Double Double Jackpot is 25. That means players who are keen to make large bets are also catered for.

With the wide variety of betting options, this slot has appeal to many groups of players. The coin size for this game ranges from .05 to 5.

Double Double Jackpot Gameplay

In Double Double Jackpot, the player  at Spin casino Canada is using the hand that they have been dealt in order to play multiple hands of cards at the same time. The first step in accomplishing this is after the player has been dealt their cards. The player will then choose which cards they would like to hold and which cards they would like to throw away.

Once the player has done this, the second deal has been done, the various hands are looked at and any winnings the player receives are paid out into their credit pool. If the player has sufficient funds, they will then immediately be able to start another hand.