Exploring Mobile Casino Option for Players

When the casino world first moved from land-based to online, it opened up the possibilities of enjoying limitless play. Players could suddenly access the online casinos from the comfort and convenience of their own homes, didn’t have to travel long distances to a land-based casino, and could play whenever they felt like it, whether for a whole Saturday afternoon or for a quick game before heading to work in the mornings.

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Best of British Slot Game

Best of British Slot; Mobile Nostalgia Wins

Perhaps because most mobile casino gaming fans around the world know the United Kingdom through movies and TV rather than personal experience, there is a stereotypical image of all that is “British”, stuck somewhere in the middle of the last century. It’s very different to the globally connected multicultural UK that exists today, but it recalls a time of stiff upper lips and centuries of history consciously celebrated. It is this Great Britain that the Best of British slot from Nektan seeks to recapture.

As a result, it is filled with bright, cheerful icons of Britain in the 1950s, many still tourist draw-cards today. Like all Nektan games, Best of British slot was originally designed for mobile casino play, although laptop and desktop users can also play it at online casinos, for fun or real money. The title’s affinity for tablets and smartphones is obvious from the game controls, arranged in three click-through buttons within easy thumbs’ reach on either side of the screen. These can be used to get game info, adjust settings and spin the reels.

Five-Reeler with 12 Symbols

For streamlined mobile play, Best of British slot does not bother with extra screens of bonus features, beyond the Free Spins round and the Wild. This makes game play fast and simple, and even quicker if the player selects the Turbo mode. There are five transparent reels against a Union Jack backdrop, between Empire-style marble pillars guarded by scarlet-jacketed Grenadier Guards in their towering busbies. The five game symbols borrowed from the Poker deck, 10 to A, are delivered in a bright golden Gothic script as stand-alone characters.

All symbols require three, four or five matches in sequence from Reel 1 to make a winning payline combo, and the A has the highest value in the card symbols, winning 200X the line bet for five on one payline. A shiny blue tea service on a gingham cloth, a bobby’s helmet, a bright red double-decker bus, a serving of fish and chips and the Best of British slot’s game logo, in the style of a wartime poster, complete the theme-related symbols. For five matches, they pay a respective 300X, 350X, 400X, 450X and 500X the line bet each.

15 Paylines and Adjustable Bets

Best of British slot offers 15 paylines, and these are fully adjustable from 1 to 15. Players can bet at five levels between 0.01 and 1.00 per payline.

Bulldog Wild and Underground Bonus

The Best of British slot’s Wild is a belligerent bulldog, leering out of a Union Jack shield. He functions only as a substitute, but can replace any other symbol to finish winning combos apart from the Bonus icon. Like the other payline symbols, the Wilds can arrive stacked to create multiple payline wins at once.

The Bonus icon is shaped like a London Underground sign, with a bold red arrow and the word Spins. It is the Best of British slot’s Scatter, so when three or more appear after any spin, no matter where they are on the reels, they trigger the Free Spins round. This consists of 30 games, but players also stand a chance of getting three more Scatters and re-triggering the 30 spins several times.

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Mayan Marvels slot

Mayan Marvels Slot Unearths Mobile Jungle Treasure

The wealthy Maya civilisation of Central America, which was at its height around 2,000 years ago, had suffered centuries of internal warfare, climate change and decline when Spanish conquistadores arrived in the 1500s to complete its destruction. Great Mayan cities and monuments, produced by a culture with advanced architecture, mathematics, art, writing, astronomy and stone-working skills, had already been lost to the tropical jungle for hundreds of years. Mayan treasures of gold and gemstones, in royal tombs cocooned in impenetrable vegetation, may still lie undiscovered today. This is the theme Nektan embraces with its Mayan Marvels slot.

This game is also available for mobile betting Kenya players, the Mayan Marvels slot can be played via desktop or laptop, in demo mode or for real stakes. Controls are at the reel edges for easy touchscreen access; with the Spin button on the right, and a choice between Menu or Stakes and Lines on the left. Players can set any number of paylines from 1 to 15 and vary the bet per line in five stages from 0.01 to 1.00. The five reels have three rows interacting with the paylines.

Theme Heavy on the Stonework

By including a lot of stonework in its Mayan theme, the Mayan Marvels slot does present a colour palette that is a little drabber than most Nektan titles. Greys and browns predominate, with only the greens of the vegetation, multi-coloured jewels and the golden treasure catching the eye. The backdrop is a typical Mayan tomb, its walls built of interlocking asymmetrical blocks without any need for mortar, only half-cleared of jungle foliage. Through a breach in the wall, a glistening golden hoard is viewed, in front of which the transparent reels spin in a delicately carved stone frame.

As usual, Nektan has pressed playing-card values into service as low-value symbols. The 10, J, Q, K and A are characters rough-hewn from stone, all equally brown and unadorned. All Mayan Marvels slot symbols require three or more matches in succession on a payline to win, and all winning combos must start on the leftmost reel. Playing-card symbols win 100X the payline bet for five 10s or Js, 150X for five Qs or Ks, and 200X the line bet for five As.

Standard Wild and Free Spin Options

The Mayan Marvels slot’s Wild can appear on Reels 2 to 5 only, so it has no prizes for matching Wild combinations; it can function only to replace other payline symbols and complete wins. However, like all the symbols the Wild can arrive stacked over two or all three windows on the reel. When matching-symbol and Wild stacks line up from Reel 1, wins can be significant.

A bright circular arrow marked Spins is the Mayan Marvels slot’s Scatter. Three or more in any windows activate a bonus round of 30 free spins, and this can be re-triggered during the round a number of times.

Gods Wrought in Stone, Gold and Jewels

The higher-value Mayan Marvels slot symbols include four Mayan gods, each a head carved from a different shade of rock and set with a massive matching sapphire, opal, emerald or ruby. The gems are inscribed with Mayan numerals, so quite a few aspects of the culture are packed into each icon.

For five matches, these icons pay 300x, 350X, 400X or 450X the line bet respectively. The top payline symbol is the Mayan Marvels slot’s logo, also carved from stone, but embellished with gold accents. For five of a kind, it wins 500X the line bet.

Heroic slot

Mobile Heroic Slot in Stunning Tolkien World

The Heroic slot title from mobile casinos Kenya games specialist Nektan borrows heavily from Tolkien’s Middle Earth sagas to create a visually striking world familiar to fans of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. The higher-value symbols employ the various fantasy fiction character types that are thrown together on a quest through forbidding territory, while the threat of a fiery dragon looms in the skies above.

The Heroic slot is a five-reel, three-row game set against an impossibly beautiful landscape of vertiginous cliffs, dense coniferous forests and shimmering waterfalls, with a mighty dragon sculling its way through the cloud-filtered sunbeams in the morning sky. Unusually for a Nektan mobile slot, the bonus round has a second screen: the same backdrop, transformed into an infernal night vision of ragged volcanoes and deluges of lava. While designed for mobile play, the Heroic slot is also available at selected online casinos for the desktop and laptop fans.

Win up to 1,000X the Payline Bet

Nektan titles tend to use 10 ordinary payline symbols, and the Heroic slot is no exception. Poker symbols 10 to A are designed in an illuminated font reminiscent of Celtic Christian texts, each distinguished by its own hue and carved with geometric patterns. There are 20 adjustable paylines, and players can bet 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.50 or 1.00 per line. To win, a spin must deliver three or more matching symbols from the leftmost reel, on consecutive reels along the same payline.

As and Ks are the top symbols from the card deck, each winning up to 90X the payline bet, for five of a kind. An axe-wielding dwarf, a mace-swinging human warrior, a female elven archer and a wizardly mage win better prizes: respectively 100X, 100X, 250X and 500X the line bet for five matches. The Heroic slot is subtitled Eye of the Dragon, which is explained by the top payline symbol: a sinister close-up of the dragon’s eye. For five of these icons, the player wins 1,000X the line bet.

Bonus Symbols Use Both Ends of Dragon

As its Wild icon, the Heroic slot uses the dragon’s tail, wrapped possessively around an egg. Like the payline symbols, it can stack to cover several windows on the same reel, boosting the number of winning paylines it can create by substituting for multiple other payline symbols at once.

The business end of the dragon, its fearsome fiery head emblazoned with the word Spins, does duty as the Heroic slot’s Scatter. Three or more in any configuration unlock a round of 10 or 20 free spins. The Scatters also appear during the free spins rounds, so it is a bonus that can be re-activated a number of times before the player is returned to paid spins.

Animations on Wins Add Visual Appeal

In most of its other slots titles, Nektan limits animations to the winning paylines lighting up after a spin. Players who find this tedious can speed up the process with the Turbo setting. Another feature that sets Heroic slot apart is that dwarf, warrior, elf, mage and dragon all appear in brief, fierce animations after their symbols are involved in a win. The slot features no soundtrack, apart from the roar and clash of battle; sound FX which are used as brief fanfares to emphasise wins or the arrival of special reel symbols.