The Ultimate Aim of a Grand Final

In terms of definition and the understanding of exactly what a grand final is, the correct definition is that a grand final is a game that decides a sports league’s championship. This might be the deciding match for a premiership winning team, by way of being the conclusive game of a finals build-up, or a play-off series between two or more leagues. Continue reading “The Ultimate Aim of a Grand Final”

Cricket Bets Placed on a Match Adds Excitement

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand, in fact it is second only to rugby. New Zealand is one of the ten countries that take part in test match cricket. Generally, test match cricket, as well as other international forms of the game, draw huge number of spectators.

Cricket has been played in New Zealand for many years. In fact, there is an interesting story of Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle calling into the Bay of Islands in 1835 on its epic navigation of the earth, and witnessing a game of cricket being played by some freed Maori slaves and the son of the missionary there at that time.

Online Cricket Bets So Convenient

The first cricket team to represent New Zealand played New South Wales in 1894, but lost the match. Probably the most famous of all New Zealand’s cricketers was the fast bowler Richard Hadlee, who was the first bowler ever to take 400 wickets in test cricket. Cricket bets have been placed on the game almost as long as the game has been played. And these days, of course, thanks to the tremendous advance of modern technology, Indian cricket bets can be placed from the comfort of your own home. The television can bring any international cricket match to you at the time it is being played, so you can place any cricket bets while watching the game being played in any country of the world.

Different Forms of the Game

There are three different forms of cricket played. There are the test matches, played against another test nation, and will last five days.

There can be up to five matches in a Test Series. This is the most popular for punters placing cricket bets. Then there comes the Limited Overs game, which lasts a full day. Then there is the latest form of the game, the T20 matches. These last about three hours, and there is a league of T20 matches played in some countries, with players from all over the world forming teams, and these matches draw huge crowds, and provide some wild excitement for the avid fans.

Patience Is Needed with The Variety of Cricket Bets

Cricket bets, on all forms of the game, depend on many factors. You have to take in to consideration the selection of the teams, the form and history of the players, the weather forecast, the cricket grounds and the pitch selected for the match, among a host of other aspects. The top quality sports betting sites often carry information on all these factors of the game, and offer ways to counter many of the variables and nuances of this versatile sport. These betting sites are pretty competitive, so many will offer a range of attractive bonuses and promotions as well.

Cricket in some countries is treated with an almost religious fervor, and has given the world an extensive, unique vocabulary, as well as being credited with a certain philosophy and form of etiquette.

Cricket betting  at can be profitable if you have done some homework. To end up a winner in cricket betting you do need some patience, and practice in analyzing the betting odds. It is best not to go with your feelings of loyalty or affection when placing cricket bets, or actually bets on any sports team. Cricket bets can be extremely varied, but once you have mastered the basics of the game, you can enjoy countless hours of exciting entertainment.

Chests of Plenty: Pirate-Themed Slots Game

Chests of Plenty is a digital slots game created by Ash Gaming. It revolves around the theme of pirate treasure, with the reels set against a tropical island backdrop and featuring pirate-related icons. It’s a three line, five reel game, with the icons displayed on parchment squares. Chests of Plenty features 20 bet lines, and although players must play all 20 lines on each spin, they can adjust the total stake (and thus the bets per line) to suit their pockets.

More Than One Wild Option

The low scoring icons on Chests of Plenty, as with many other games, are the poker symbols 10, J, Q, K and A; although in a nod to the game’s theme, these are rendered in an old-fashioned script with ornate flourishes. The medium value icons explore the pirate theme more faithfully, featuring cutlasses, a parrot, and a pirate.

The wild symbol is a buxom female pirate called Chesty Wild, which substitutes for all other symbols (except the scatter icon) on winning bet lines even bets for horse racing. A bet line of five Chesty Wilds scores a win of 10,000X the line bet. A feature unique to Chests of Plenty is an additional wild: if the pirate icon ends up immediately to the left or right of a Chesty Wild symbol after a spin, the pirate icon becomes wild too.

Variable Bonus Features

Chests of Plenty present players with a number of bonus options. A closed treasure chest is the game’s first scatter icon, and three scatters in any position on the reels unlock the Treasure Chest Feature.

The three chests zoom to the centre of the screen, and three gemstones are taken from each one. Three of a kind (all taken from one chest) produces bonus wins: three rubies win even money, three emeralds win double the stake, and three diamonds win 5X the stake. If all three chests produce three diamonds in the same round, making nine diamonds in total, the player wins the progressive jackpot. However, as long as at least one chest produces a three-gem match on each round, the Treasure Chest feature continues, allowing the player to rack up several bonus wins before the feature ends, which happens as soon as a round produces no winning gem combos at all.

Unusually, Chests of Plenty also features a second scatter icon: the treasure map. Three, four or five treasure map icons anywhere on the reels not only score wins in their own right (from 15X to 2,000X the bet), but they also trigger a Treasure Map Bonus Round. Depending on the number of scatters in the triggering spin, players will end up on one of three islands. There, they spin a wheel of fortune, with the numbers 1-7 and a skull symbol.

Landing on the skull symbol ends the bonus round, but any of the other numbers will move the player around the island, or even onto the next island. So players who score three scatters and start off on the lowest-paying island can move all the way to the highest-scoring island if the wheel of fortune favours them. This bonus round delivers cash wins, as well as treasure chests that reveal further bonus options. Apart from the progressive jackpot, wins in normal play can rise to as much as 10,000X the line bet.

Crazy Cows Video Slots

The Crazy Cows video slots game is a “cartoony” styled video slots game that is meant to tickle the humorous side of players with its over-the-top antics. This non progressive slot game looks like it comes straight out of Cartoon Network, with crazy farmyard characters at the centre of the show and wild barnyard activities surrounding it.

The idea or the premise behind the game is that you play one of three lady cows that are attempting to woo Bill the Bull. This game is obviously aimed at ladies with a sense of humour and the amount of points you win trying to impress the stud bull equates to how much cash you win while playing. So do a better job impressing Bill, and you walk away a richer Crazy Cows slots player.

The game is a 5 reel online video slots game, online betting NZ,  holds 96.17% return odds and allows you to bet between 1 and 5 coins per line. The minimum coin size is 0.01 and the maximum is listed as 0.25. That means the max per line you can bet is 1.25 coins and the maximum you can win in the jackpot is 2,500 coins.

The Crazy Cows game Basics

In the game’s premise there are 3 lady cows and they make up the central plot point of the game as well as some of the symbols. The Crazy Cows game describes the 3 Lady Cows as “seductive cow”, “cow in love” and “awkward cow”. The other symbols are made up of “Bill the Bull”, the barnyard dog, the barn itself and instead of the usual King to Nine symbols, they have the letters “C”, “R”, “A”, “Z” and “Y”.

The whole point is to attempt to impress Bill the Bull and to do this you need to take part in the bonus game. The barn symbol is the bonus trigger, get three or more of these and you get taken immediately into the bonus game where you start by choosing one of the 3 female Crazy Cows.

Once you have chosen the lady cow that fits best with your personality, you can watch as she does a high dive content off the top of the barn and into a small bucket of water. The animations are amusing and over the top, meant to incite some laughter while you play.

Once the high dive contest is over, the barnyard dog counts how well you did in the form of winning points which translate into cash, and a certain number of free spins. The free spins are then automatically spun based on your last bet amount that triggered the bonus round.

Gambling and Winning

The last feature of Crazy Cows video slots is the “Gamble” feature. At the end of any winning line, you will have the option to “Collect” your winnings or “Gamble” to either double or quadruple your winning amount.

Like most online slot games, should you choose the “Gamble” option, you are presented with the Red vs Black or Card Suits choices. If you choose between red and black, you have the chance of losing all winnings or doubling them, while the suits offer the chance to lose all winnings or quadruple them.

Take Free Roulette Games for a Spin

For sheer excitement and old-fashioned casino glamour, it’s hard to beat roulette. Elegantly dressed croupiers deftly wielding their rakes across a layout awash with chips in all colours; the hypnotic spin of the wheel and the random clicking of the ball bouncing hither and yon; the chance to slip in that final bet just before “No more bets, please”; and, of course the chance to win at satisfying odds: all these qualities add up to make the game the ultimate way to try your luck for fun. Yes, any intelligent player knows that the simpler the game, the greater the house edge; and roulette is simplicity itself. But arguably, that’s what makes a playing roulette even more satisfying; when you win against the wheel, fortune truly has smiled on you.

Roulette also lets you play low stakes for high rewards, so no wonder it has become a classic icon of casino entertainment. No wonder, either, that as online casinos have proliferated in their thousands, roulette has become one of their popular mainstays. With modern graphics and sound quality, and games coded for optimum play on specific devices, online and mobile roulette becomes more and more authentic. Best of all, free roulette games online allow you the thrill of beating the odds, without having to lay out any of your own money.

Consider the Free Roulette Options

Free roulette games come in two varieties; free casino and pay casino. Free casinos are for people who enjoy casino games purely for entertainment, without wagering real money. They award players credits on registration, along with a daily top-up allowance in many cases, and the players can only bet and win credits, with no monetary value.

Real money online pokies Australia casinos are for players who like to bet and win real money, but many offer bonus packages as sign-up incentives or to reward regular play. These bonus packages often include free roulette games, so the player gets a certain number of bets on roulette without having to pay for them, although they do keep any winning that might accrue. However, these bonus packages will come with terms and conditions, like any promotional offer. For instance, some casinos require a minimum deposit before any winnings can be withdrawn, or a minimum number of bets on free roulette games, so be sure to read and understand any offers fully before you accept them at

Hedge your Bets

Whether you enjoy roulette for fun or you like to play for serious money, knowledge is power. Because roulette is completely random, Lady Luck will always have the final say. However, players who understand the odds of any particular bet winning, as well as the house edge that varies from bet to bet, are better equipped to play slowly and steadily, keeping their stake ticking over with a variety of bets while they wait for the big strike. So if you’d like to get the most out of online roulette, it will be worth your while to read up on the game and learn which bet combinations give the most favourable probabilities. And if you feel you need more practice to make sure you know how to apply the book learning, free roulette games are an excellent way to learn the finer points before you risk your own bankroll.

Play Roulette Games at your Leisure

The classic casino game of roulette is a favourite of players across the globe and when enjoying this wheel of fortune entertainment online, you’ll never have to wait for a table. You can play roulette games at your leisure and indulge in a gaming experience that provides realistic, authentic entertainment at the click of a mouse or tap of the screen.

Online casino software developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the games available on the web are as close as possible to the versions played in a brick and mortar casino. Live dealer games can be played via video feed to simulate a true to life experience, except you can enjoy being in the comfort of your own home and play at any time you desire.

Types of Roulette Games

A distinct advantage of playing roulette games online is that there are a vast number of variants of this type of entertainment available at any time. The classic European and French games can be enjoyed, as can American roulette and casino software developers have also created mini roulette games, multi-wheel or multi-ball options and progressive jackpot roulette. You’ll never be short of wheel spinning fun and free and real money games can be enjoyed whenever you desire.

European roulette is the most popular variant of the game online and this is due to its low house edge. The American roulette wheel has an extra 0, no aristocrat pokies which pushes its house edge up to almost double that of the European game and players who prefer more of a challenge should go for this option, whilst beginners may prefer to start off slow.

Roulette Bets

Roulette games feature a number of different bets that range from the simple coin flip kind of bet whereby a player wagers on the outcome being red or black, to the more complex inside bets which boast a payout of 35:1. If you have an understanding of how these bets work and what the odds are for each you can enjoy more successful results and a greater chance of a large win.

Roulette games may feature different house edges but the types of bets you ca place are all intrinsically the same. In the French version of the game there is a rule that adds to your chances of claiming a payout, and this rule is not evident in any other style of the game. Known as La Partage, players are able to enjoy what is often deemed an insurance bet, and if the ball lands on the zero in any game they will be rewarded with half their bet amount returned, minimising their potential loss.

Play Roulette 24/7 Online

When playing roulette games online you never have to wait for a casino to open and there’s always a seat available at a virtual table, no matter what the time. For many players the attraction of roulette is due to its simple nature and learning how to play only takes a few minutes. The aim of the game is straightforward, all you need to do is predict which numbered, coloured slot the ball will come to rest in once the wheel has been spun, and if your prediction is correct you could win big!

Winning Roulette Systems Explained

Online roulette and online blackjack may be games of chance with the outcome dependent on a Random Number Generator, but there are certain systems and strategies that could increase your winning potential. By employing a roulette system you could enjoy successful results on a more regular basis and boost your enjoyment of this exciting game to the full.

To assist you in learning more about a roulette system and deciding which one will suit you, we have outlined the ones that have been tied and tested, giving you a clearer idea of what they entail. These systems have proven results and range from the classic to the more contemporary and complicated.

A roulette system isn’t going to make you instantly rich, but these methods have been created to boost your chances of regular successes and enhance the enjoyment of a game that’s so much more than just a spinning wheel of fortune.

Martingale System

The most famous roulette system of all, the Martingale system has stood the test of time and is used by both beginners and seasoned players alike. A system that’s best used by those with a bigger budget, players will continually double their stake in the hope that a win will eventually net a massive profit.

Labouchere Strategy

Also known as the Spilt Martingale or Cancellation system and the American Progression or Montante Americaine, this strategy is somewhat more complex. Players must decide beforehand how much money they aim to win and create a list accordingly. As the game is played and bets are successful, numbers are removed from the list until all numbers are crossed off and the desired amount has been won, or the players bankroll is depleted.

Paroli Progression

The Paroli Progression is a very simple roulette system, yet it can be hugely effective. Although there are several different variants, players simply need to reinvest their winnings and as their bankroll increases so too do their chances of winning. The only issue players may run into here is running out of money and losing both their initial stake and all their winnings, so although simple, you’ll need to approach with caution.

Tiers et Tout

With a full name of ‘Tiers et Tout a la Boule de Neige’ this roulette strategy is quite a mouthful, and relatively complicated too. Players will decide on a set amount of which they will bet 1/3 on their first wager. If the first bet is a losing one, the remaining 2/3 will be bet, however if you win, then you will increase the wager accordingly. This can be quite hard to keep track of, but experienced players will fast find their feet.

Positional Roulette

Taken from Jack Kennedy’s famous book “Square Ro Let” the Positional roulette system is about the most complicated of all and not many players truly understand it. Its complicated betting strategy changes depending on the style of the game you play and Kennedy himself has said that the only way you can truly gain an understanding is by playing for an extended period of time.

Choosing a roulette system that suits you shouldn’t be too tricky and as a new player its best to stick to the simpler options and progress as you go along.

Top Roulette Tips

Roulette is an incredibly popular online casino game and players love the thrill of spinning to win. Considered to be a true casino classic, roulette has stood the test of time and has transitioned from the land based arena to the online with ease. Enhanced online roulette  Australia games provide players with a realistic, authentic gaming experience that is completely captivating and ensure that you have fun anytime you choose, all from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to make the most out of your gaming reading up on roulette tips and learning a few tricks or systems is always suggested. We provide you with a few of the basics that will ensure your gaming gets off to  a great start ,and by using these roulette tips you’ll never go wrong when indulging in wheel of fortune entertainment online.

Practice Before you Play

If you have yet to play roulette online or want to try a new version of the game you love, then the free play or demo mode options are the best choice for you. The top online casinos all allow you to play for free and in some cases even offer a no deposit bonus that gives you real money without having to spend a cent. Roulette is an easy game to learn how to play, but practice does make perfect or at least as close to, in a game of chance. Free roulette gives you an opportunity to get a feel for the game, understand the bets and determine whether there are any strategies or methods you want to employ.

Stick to your Budget

All respectable roulette tips, or indeed any tips regarding online casino games will always tell players to stick to their budget and not exceed their financial limits. Playing roulette is incredibly exciting and you could easily get swept away in the game and go well over your allocated spend. By sticking to your limits you can have fun stress-free and if you win it’s up to you whether you cash out or keep playing.

Choose your Game

There are a number of different roulette variants available online and prudent players will know what each style has to offer before they commit to real money play. The European version of roulette is the most popular as it has a lower house edge and it’s incredibly simple, and many players prefer this style over any other. The French game has the same house edge as European roulette and it offers insurance bets, but as it’s played entirely in French it can be trickier. The American game has the highest house edge as the wheel has an extra numbered slot, so only seasoned players or those who really want to challenge themselves opt for this version.

Remember Roulette is a Game of Chance

Online roulette tips should always remind you that this game is one of chance and results are based on a random number generator. There is little you can do to change the outcome of the game, and although systems such as the D’Alembert and Martingale are very popular a player can’t sway the way the game will end in their favour.

By making use of these simple roulette tips you can get the most out of every game you play and potentially win big when you predict where the ball will land on the wheel.