Casino Online Games

Casino Online Games in the Philippines

For those players who have never played casino online games it is a good idea to look at a few things before getting started.  Playing at online casinos in the Philippines is a little different to other countries like online casino Pakistan in that there are two licensing bodies. The two licensing bodies are PAGCOR and Cagayan Freeport.  PAGCOR has the monopoly when it comes to all forms of gaming in the Philippines while Cagayan Freeport has the monopoly in a small area on the North Eastern tip of the country which is only available to tourists visiting this part of the Philippines.

For first time players who are wanting to play casino games online there may be a concern regarding the safety of the online casino.  Players in the Philippines can rest assured that these casinos are all licensed and regulated by these two bodies and have high levels of security and fair gaming practices in place.

Random Number Generator

There are many benefits to playing casino games online and one of them is the random number generator (RNG).  In a land based casino players are playing with real cards, dice and roulette wheels, but in an online situation the outcome of these has to be created and this is where the RNG is used.  The randomness of casino games is recreated by using the RNG which takes place in a land based casino.  Using these generators will ensure that playing casino games online is fair and always random.

How to choose an Online Casino

It is also important that players look for the right casino, one that will suit their specific needs.  Most of the casinos will be able to fulfill these requirements, but players should make an informed decision when looking for the right place to play casino games online.  There are many sites on the internet dedicated to doing this research and players may find it helpful to consult these when looking for an online casino.  It is advisable that players try out a few different casinos to find the one that suits them.

Myths about Casino Online Games

There are a few myths going around about online gaming and the main one is that the games are fixed.  Online casinos do not need to fix their games because they have the benefit of the house edge and will always come out tops.  A reputable online casino in the Philippines will surely make more money than a rogue casino because playing by the rules will attract more players and they will have a good reputation among online players.

Another myth is that players do not get paid out.  This is possible if playing at an illegal casino, but often players do not read the terms and conditions of the bonuses for example, and will not receive their payouts.  It is after all the player’s responsibility to make sure they understand the restrictions attached to payouts from the casino.

Addiction to gaming is a serious problem and most online casinos will ensure that they have strict policies with regard to this.  It has been suggested that playing casino games online is more addictive than land based gaming.  There is no evidence to prove this, but reputable online casinos in the Philippines have nonetheless tried to put measures in place to ensure that players are warned of the consequences of gaming addictions.

The Philippines offers reputable casinos where players can play casino games online knowing that they are fair and random and that they adhere to strict policies to protect their players.

Virgin Mobile Casino

Virgin Mobile Casino

Virgin Mobile Casino is part of the Virgin Games Brand. As one of the biggest Brands in the world, Virgin is a company that is known for quality and excellence. The casino itself was established in 2004 and is licenced Gibraltar. Regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the casino welcomes players from all over the world.

The Virgin Games casino is an instant play online casino which includes mobile functionality. This means that players can access the casino from any web browser or mobile device anywhere in the world. When players log onto the site for the first time, they will be greeted by the familiar colours of the Virgin brand. Bright clear graphics and an easy to use interface make the experience pleasing and exciting.

Virgin Mobile Games

When it comes to games, Virgin Games and the Virgin Mobile Casino have a lot to offer. Powered by some of the biggest gaming software providers, the casino offers players the latest games by NetEnt, Gamesys, IGT, and Williams Interactive.

In addition to their bingo games, the casino offers a wide range of slots including classic slots, video slots and progressive slot games. The casino also offers a number of casino table games including blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker keno and online roulette Australia. All of the RNG range of games at Virgin Games can be played for free or for real money at any time.

Banking Options and Customer Care

Virgin Mobile casino can be accessed directly from any tablet or mobile device. Players can download the mobile app and start playing real money casino games as soon as they have funds in their account.

Virgin Games offers players a number of convenient and secure banking methods. Players can fund their online or mobile casino account by credit card, by bank transfer, by debit card or by using any of the site accredited online web-wallet payment facilities. If players have any issues with banking or their account, they can contact the casinos customer care department any time day or night. The customer care department is open 24/7 and can be contacted by email, by telephone or via their live chat facility.

Mobile Live Dealer Games

In addition to their range of RNG games, Virgin Games and Virgin Mobile casino also offer a number of live casino games for players to choose from. Mobile live dealer games use video streaming technology where real live dealers interact with players during the game. This means that the dealers themselves shuffle the cards and spin the roulette wheel. Virgin Games offers live baccarat, live blackjack, live roulette, and live casino hold’em.

Promotions, Bonuses and Online Security

Virgin Games take extreme measures to ensure that all of their user’s personal and financial information remain secure and private. The casino employs the use of state of the art encryption technology to secure all online transactions.

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, Virgin Games offers some of biggest bonuses around. Players who make their first deposit at the casino will be rewarded with an instant cash match bonus. For all their regular members, Virgin Mobile Casino offers players both weekly and monthly promotions.

Online Casino Bonus

What Is An Online Casino Bonus?

These days you do not have to go to a brick and mortar casino in order to play casino games. As long as you have an internet connection, and a suitable device or computer you can play online casino Canada games right in your own home. The sites that offer this service are called online casinos. There are now hundreds of thousands of online casinos all over the world and thousands in the USA alone. To make themselves stand out from the competition online casinos offer a number of bonuses and promotions.

Where To Find An Online Casino Bonus

To find an online casino bonus you will need a couple of things. The first is of course something to access the casino on, and an internet connection. Once you have that sorted out you simply go onto your web browser and search for online casinos using a search engine. If you are using a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet you can use you app store to search for online casinos as well.

Once you have entered your search parameters, a vast amount of hits will come up. Narrow this down by entering your region for example the USA, and real money casino. Only real money casinos will offer you an online casino bonus.

Which Online casino bonus Do I Choose?

Most online casinos that work in real money will offer one kind of bonus or another. Most of these bonuses will come with a certain set of terms and conditions. To choose the online casino bonus that is right for you, you will need to read each ones terms and conditions quite carefully to make sure you understand and are ok with them.

Types Of Online Casino Bonus

There are a number of different types of online casino bonuses that various casinos offer. The first is a welcome bonus. This is aimed at attracting new players and can be comprised of various things. A common form is for the casino to match your initial deposit up to a certain percentage and a certain amount. For example some casinos will match your deposit 200% up a particular dollar amount.

No deposit bonuses are also to attract new players. These are dollar amounts that are given to you before you have to deposit anything into your account. These range from five dollars up to fifty dollars mostly, although some bigger ones can be found. No deposit bonuses usually come with quite strict terms and conditions

Game based bonuses are aimed at existing players. These are bonuses that are centred on certain games, for example slot machines. The casino will offer a certain percentage back in casino credits, VIP points or currency for playing certain games for a certain length of time or for a certain amount of money.

VIP programs are also aimed at existing players. These offer points which can be redeemed on things like free spins, casino credits or in the higher levels even prizes such as cruises.

Terms And Conditions

Online casino bonus will without fail come with a set of terms and conditions. These may be things like wager requirements. A wager requirement is the amount of times you have to wager your bonus before being able to draw it out of the casinos account. Other conditions may include not allowing you to withdraw any money that they give you. Many casinos will give you a bonus in casino credits only which have to be used at that particular casino.

Online Casino Australia

What to Look For in an Online Casino, Australia

The online casinos made for Australians are among the best in the world, but what should Antipodeans expect of their online casinos? Firstly, many online casinos will give access to flash games, which will give punters a fun and simple way to hone their skills, before stepping into the big time.

Online casino and online sports betting Australia sites generally offer new members a welcome bonus when they sign up as a way of attracting visitors and developing credibility with their clients. Time spent doing homework on the subject and finding the best welcome bonus, will be a great investment.

Secondly, the selection of games available at online casinos Australia sites is extraordinary, and growing. Top gaming software provides an astonishing range of possible games. Look out for casinos specialising in your favourite genre, since often prizes and bonuses are attached to specific games.

Thirdly, reputable sites conduct continuous marketing and public relations exercises to Australian casino clients, with regular promotions, tournaments and deposit bonuses. Taking note of these aspects will ensure that the gaming adventure offered by the site stays fresh, exciting and retains your interest.

A Deep-Rooted Love of the Wager

Australians love gambling, and many online casino Australian sites have jackpots and prizes that make ones hair stand on end. With many forms of wagering, such as pokies, these progressive jackpots can be truly impressive. With the online betting trend that is sweeping Australia, now is your best chance to join that enormous community of punters.

Online casino Australia sites are casinos that trade in and accept Australian Dollars. They are growing in number constantly and include many top casinos. These fine online casinos provide such a selection of games, bonuses, promotions and features that Australians can afford to be selective when deciding where to wager their money. Payments via Neteller, POLi, Visa or MasterCard as standard, with even more options, such as PayPal, available at selected casinos.

The selection of online casino, Australia, should include credibility of the casino, knowing how long a site has been in business, whether it is accredited by Gaming Authorities, the stability of the software platform, quality of customer service, the variety of games offered and importantly, the ease of depositing funds and withdrawing winnings using Australia-friendly payment solutions.

A Reliable Casino Makes Winning Easier

Support should be available constantly to players using the best online casinos. When things go awry at the worst possible moment, well then, every second counts!

Expect your online casino Australia site to have accredited security and be independently audited and regulated. Peace of mind is a hugely valuable thing. You need to be able to trust your online casino, and that can be done by choosing well-established and trusted sites.

Thanks to the country’s declared love of gambling, there is a wide array of online casino sites catering expressly for Australians and conducting business in Australian Dollars. Since these online casino Australia sites need to be highly competitive in order to attract the volumes of enthusiastic gamblers from Down Under, high standards of quality, good pay out rates and attractive bonuses should be expected as normal. Making sure that you have selected the right site will surely make the experience that much better.

The quality and functionality of online casinos made specifically for Australians is something to behold. And now, with the expansion the way it is, may be the ultimate time to get a piece of the action.

Online Casino Betting

A Winning Strategy with Online Casino Betting

The topic concerning the most effective way to go about online casino betting is one that has been widely debated since the explosive entry of online games onto the gambling scene.

The solution that initially comes to mind is not the correct one, in this case.  Most people would argue that the key difference is in the size of the bets placed.  This is in fact not the case.  The secret to success, as is the case with most things in life, is to have a winning strategy.

Stick To What You Know

Especially for newbies, a good initial strategy would be to stick to that which is familiar to you.  It would be of little use to try and perfect an online casino betting strategy whilst playing in new and unfamiliar territory.  In the USA it is especially easy to get carried away on the wave of choice, but it’s always a good idea to start small and then broaden your horizons as you go along and become more accomplished.

The secret then: start with a game that is familiar to you, then work your way outwards to new games.

You will soon discover what works, and what doesn’t work for you.

Don’t Blow It All In One Go

Especially in a mostly positive financial climate, such as that found in the USA, it’s easy to get carried away and simply splurge.  Take it slow, don’t blow it all in one go.  Place smaller bets on a small number of games.  Don’t risk it all only to lose all interest in something that has proven to be highly enjoyable, when approached in the correct manner.

Technology Is Our Friend

It used to be a necessity to travel to one of the USA’s land based tribal or privately owned casinos whenever one wanted to play for money.  Those days are long gone.  Thanks to technology, these games can now be played at home, with online casino betting being every bit as safe and controlled as land based betting.

Online casino betting is not an activity to be wary of, or mistrusted.  As long as it’s done on an independently audited site – that a of a trusted online casino – the player is every bit as safe and secure as at a typical land based casino.

No Need To Feel Intimidated

It is also helpful to keep in mind that online casinos are merely electronic versions of the brick-and-mortar land based casinos.  It’s not all that different, and therefore doesn’t have to be scary territory.  The USA has formulated a sound and secure rule of law governing the powers that be behind all online casinos and games.  Players can rest assured that the general rules of play are governed to be fair.

Online casino betting and sports betting Australia should therefore not be any more risky than placing a bet at a land based casino.

The USA is not only the land of the brave and of opportunity, but also a country set on equality and fairness, even insofar as electronic gaming and online laws are concerned.

Tips for Best Online Casino Welcome Bonus

Tips for Best Online Casino Welcome Bonus

An online casino welcome bonus is a bonus offered to new players who register player accounts at online casinos. They are used as marketing strategies for online casinos to attract players and come in various amounts and types.

USA players may claim an online casino welcome bonus at any online casino that accepts them but the casino should have a good reputation of being trustworthy before any player commits to registering personal details and depositing real US$ funds. Knowing how to find the best welcome bonuses is key to them truly adding value in a protected environment.

Players must read through the detailed terms and conditions of any bonus they may be interested in as fine print is a certainty. A complete understanding of what the bonus is and what is expected of the player is the best way for any player to gain the most from the welcome bonuses on offer.

Most Commonly Offered Welcome Bonuses

The two most common online casino welcome bonus offers are no deposit bonuses and match deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are free bonuses given to new USA players just for signing up. No funds need to be deposited before claiming these types of bonuses but they almost always have terms and conditions attached to them.

No deposit bonuses may come in the form of a small amount of US$, free chips or free spins. The free online casino welcome bonus offers may have to be played within a time frame or only on a particular game that the casino has chosen. There may also be terms stating that the bonus amount or a value of it must be played through before winnings or the bonus amount can be withdrawn.

Match deposit bonuses, on the other hand, do require a deposit to be made. The player must make their first deposit, of a limited amount, and the casino then matches a percentage of that amount and adds it to the players account. This type of casino bonuses South Africa always comes with wagering requirements which means that the bonus amount must be wagered a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn.

Identifying a Good Welcome Bonus

There may be different types of online casino welcome bonus offers but not all of them are necessarily good. This is because all online casinos offer them but not all online casinos can be trusted. Welcome bonuses are used to attract players and the competitive market means online casinos keep offering better and better deals that may appear great on the surface but have requirements that are applied to the terms and conditions that outline restrictions on certain things like withdrawing the bonuses.

An untrustworthy online casino may offer the best looking bonuses but then may not pay out. This is why the online casino welcome bonus offers should first and foremost be chosen among the best rated USA online casinos. Trusted online casinos may not have the largest bonuses but their overall approach to the bonus system as a whole offers player’s value for money and protection for both themselves and players.

A good welcome bonus is identified as being offered by a reputable USA online casino, is a fairly generous amount and has the best attainable terms and conditions.

Experience a Unique Gaming Environment at Emu Casino

Experience a Unique Gaming Environment at Emu Casino

At Emu Casino players can uncover an online casino experience that is unlike any other on the internet, with the casino’s logo that sports a harmlessly eccentric emu character being a direct and clear illustration of this. Players will experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino with an Australian theme that permeates throughout the casino, from the quirky logo character to the branding and the design on their homepage.

Australian players have endless access to a number of online casinos where downloading the software allows a player to place their first bet or start spinning those reels. Emu Casino gives players the opportunity to play more than 800 casino games instantly, and though restricted to English with regards to languages, players have the opportunity to choose from Sterling, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and even Euros when playing, meaning that Emu Casino can be enjoyed by players outside of Australia.

Emu Gaming Environment

Players are sure to experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino with thanks to more than just their branding. Emu Casino has proven to be rather dedicated to a high standard of customer service, with agents that are available online or via the telephone 24/7. Both the security and the banking options ensure that all players’ funds and information remain safe and secure, while guaranteeing an easy manner to manage accounts.

This casino is both owned and operated by the Emu Group Ltd. and is certified with a registration and a license from the Government of Curacao. They have also received a prestigious safety and fairness certification from eCOGRA, meaning high standards would generally be maintained throughout this online casino.

Emu Casino Games

Much like many mobile casinos Kenya that use the Microgaming layout – Emu Casino has essentially customised the visual interface, however the mechanics still ultimately stay the same. Moreover, players are given a choice of whether they wish to enjoy the online Flash casino for an instant play or they would prefer to download the software.

Due to the fact that Emu Casino performs on a Microgaming platform, players are able to access an exceptionally large number of online casino games, from classics to the latest and hottest releases. Players can experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino however, with this specific casino displaying updated selections and highlighting their own best-loved picks on the main site. The selection of games doesn’t simply boast a range of online slots but also a number of table games, scratch cards that are referred to as scratchies and more.

Bonuses and Rewards

With various bonuses and rewards, it’s no wonder players are ensured that they will experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino. Any new players are able to claim a [cysm]3 cash bonus to play on selected games as well as a 100% match welcome bonus for those that make a deposit of more than [cysm]100, a match of 50% for those that make a 2nd deposit of 200, and 80% for a 3rd deposit of up to 125.

Players can don’t have to fear that the bonuses end after their 3rd deposit with Emu casino offering silver, gold and platinum levels of the Emu VIP Club as well as Casino Races and much more.

Viking’s Voyage

Raiding-Themed Online Slot Viking’s Voyage

Slot fans who enjoy the more disreputable bits of history are a natural fit for the video slot Viking’s Voyage, developed by online casino nz games designer Real Time Gaming, or RTG. Against a backdrop of Viking long ships taking on an untamed ocean, the five reels spin in a simple gold frame, offering players 20 paylines. The emphasis is on the booty to be won and the fearless voyages undertaken by these outstanding seafarers, rather than the ruthless blood and gore of the piratical raids with which they acquired their loot.

Players can adjust the number of Viking’s Voyage paylines they bet on, and the bet per line can be set at a number of increments between 1 and 500 credits. The minimum bet is thus 1 credit per spin, but this only engages 1 payline. A more sensible bet on a low budget would be 1 credit per line across all 20 lines, which remains affordable, but increases the winning possibilities immensely. High rollers, of course, can bet up to 10,000 credits per spin.


Four Themed Ordinary Symbols

The higher-value Viking’s Voyage symbols all win prizes for two matches or better: 2 credits for two golden chalices or two gold coins, and 5 credits for two battle axes or two Viking women. For five of a kind, these symbols win 500, 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 credits, respectively.

The Viking’s Voyage Wild is a Viking warrior with flowing blond beard and horned helmet. He is found only on Reels 1 and 5, but can substitute for any of the ordinary symbols to complete more winning combinations whenever he appears.

Detailed Artwork and Simple Animations

While RTG is careful to make sure Viking’s Voyage is filled with colourful symbols drawn in fine detail, the developer hasn’t added much else to pique visual interest. Some simple animations celebrate wins, with an added roar of victory from the Viking Wild whenever he is involved in a win.

There are six card values used in Viking’s Voyage, from 9 to A, each designed as a see-through window into a seascape and horizon. The seas are all different colours according to the symbol value, from the emerald green 9 to the deep cobalt blue A. These symbols are grouped in pairs with matched values: three, four or five 9s or 10s, for example, win 5, 15 or 200 credits. Five Js or five Qs win 250 credits, and five Ks or five As win 300.

Longboat Scatter Offers Varied Bonuses

A Viking longboat under sail is the Viking’s Voyage Scatter. Although Scatters do not have to be on the same payline, they must appear on consecutive reels, left to right from Reel 1, to score any wins. Three, four or five Scatters pay an immediate multiplier of the total bet on the spin: X2, X5 or X25, respectively. Three or more Scatters also trigger a bonus round of 10 free games.

During free spins, 1 or more Scatter in succession from Reel 1 also wins an instant prize, from 1 to 25 credits, and if two or more Scatters occur consecutively from Reel 1, they also re-trigger the spin a random number of times, from 1 to 10. During these re-spins, the original Reels containing Scatters that triggered the re-spin are locked, so the player can make extra winning combos on each re-spin. Like several RTG slots online, Viking’s Voyage also has a progressive jackpot. It can be triggered at random at any time during play.

Warlock’s Spell

Magical Riches in Warlock’s Spell Online Slot

In their forbidding stone chamber lit with weird ultraviolet light, a witch and warlock practise their occult charms in the RTG slot game Warlock’s Spell. Apart from throwing magic spells of matching symbols to win prizes and mixing potions to determine bonuses, it has little storyline, but a pervasive air of mystic sorcery. It is available at mobile, online RTG casinos and online casino Singapore.

Warlock’s Spell features five reels and 20 paylines. RTG provides fairly basic animations after wins and before the bonus game, and an unimaginative slots soundtrack, but the 3D symbols are painted in attractive multi-coloured detail, and game play proceeds quite quickly in Auto Play mode. Players can bet from 1 to 500 credits per payline.

Familiar RTG Random Progressive Jackpot

A feature that will be familiar to fans of RTG slots is the progressive jackpot, which appears on the meter above the Warlock’s Spell reels. Depending on intervals between wins, this jackpot can be worth thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars.

However, there is no combination of symbols in Warlock’s Spell to trigger it; it is activated entirely randomly. So when playing Warlock’s Spell, the player could be awarded the progressive jackpot after any spin.

Two Wilds and a Variable Bonus

The witch appears on Reels 1, 2 or 3 and the warlock appears only on Reels 3, 4 or 5, but both function as Wilds in Warlock’s Spell. Not only can they substitute for any ordinary symbol to complete a winning combo, but players also win individual prizes for mixed runs of Wilds on a single payline. For one, two, three, four or five mixed Wilds from Reel 1, the prizes are 2, 20, 200, 2,500 or 10,000 credits.


A spell book serves as the Warlock’s Spell Scatter: for three, four or five appearances in any position, they win prizes of 2X, 20X or 100X the total spin bet. Three or more Scatters also trigger the bonus round, which begins with the Potion Prize Feature. The player is faced with a potion they must complete. Picking the correct ingredient triggers the free spins game immediately at the top level, but each time the player chooses an incorrect ingredient, the number of free spins in the bonus round decreases. Players can thus get between 100 and 8 free games.

Ten Ordinary Symbols in Base Play

The six poker-hand low-value symbols in Warlock’s Spell, the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, are created in a font with touches of both ancient Greece and Celtic runes, glowing in various colours in a field of stars to enhance the mystique. Paired as 9 and 10, J and Q, and K and A, each pair wins equal-value prizes for three, four or five matches in succession from Reel 1 on the same payline. The K and A win 10, 30 or 250 credits for each of the three possible combos.

Warlock’s Spell’s high-value themed icons win prizes for two or more matches on a payline, and the coruscating crystal ball and bilious green potion bowl are also paired in value. The win 3, 30, 250 or 500 credits for two, three, four or five matches. For the same sequences, the gold occult talisman wins 5, 100, 500 or 1,000 credits, and the spooky black cat wins 10, 100, 1,000 or 5,000 credits.

Wok And Roll Online Slots

Wok And Roll Online Slot’s Progressive Jackpots

Many of the video slot games from Real Time Gaming at online and mobile casinos feature a progressive jackpot. The RTG title Wok And Roll features two: a Minor Jackpot and a Major Jackpot. Either one can be triggered at random after any spin, adding another attraction to a game that features no story, but does provide cheerful artwork and music that both celebrate Chinese food.


Wok And Roll has five reels and 25 adjustable paylines, and players can set bets in seven increments from $0.01 to $5.00 per line. The bamboo-framed reels spin against a background fashioned as a typical Chinese restaurant, and there are no card values among the symbols. All the icons are based on common sights in Chinese eateries, including lots of delicious-looking food.

Eleven Ordinary Symbols in Play

Most of the 11 Wok And Roll symbols involved in payline combinations are grouped in sets with matching values. The cleaver, bok choi and wonton soup icons, for example, each win 5, 25 or 200 credits for three, four or five matches in succession from Reel 1 on the same payline. The spring rolls, steamed dumplings and shrimp fried rice win 5, 50 or 300 credits for the same combos, and the fortune cookies and steamed whole fish symbols are worth 10, 100 or 500 credits.

The last three ordinary symbols win prizes for two, three, four or five matches. The boxed noodles are worth 2, 15, 150 or 1,000 credits for these combinations, and the restaurant front-window icon wins 2, 25, 250 or 1,250 credits. The highest-value icon is a Chinese lady enjoying a meal, who wins 5, 100, 500 or 2,500 credits.

Chef Wild Wins up to 5,000 Credits

RTG games tend to refer to their Wilds as Substitutes, because they all function as stand-ins for any other ordinary symbols to complete winning combinations. A cheerful Chinese chef holding up a duck and a cleaver fulfils this role in Wok And Roll, and he also wins prizes of his own for Wild combinations from Reel 1 on the same payline. For two, three, four or five matches, the chef wins 10, 250, 1,250 or 5,000 credits.

Two Bonus Features

The chef Wild icon can also trigger Wok And Roll’s Chef Feature if three or more Wilds crop up scattered after a spin. This will trigger a round of online slots real money canada free spins, during which an extra Wild symbol can join the chef on the reels. If three or more of Wilds, of either type in any combo, occur scattered on a free spin, they trigger another 5 free spins, During the Chef Feature, any wins involving one or more Wild symbols to make the combo have their prizes doubled.

The Wok And Roll Scatter is the game logo, being stir-fried in a wok. Two or more in any position win multipliers of the total spin bet: X1, X3, X20 or X200. Three or more will activate a round of 8 free spins, which can be retriggered by another three Scatters. During each free spin, a multiplier on any prizes is randomly assigned at the top of the screen: X2, X3, X4, X5 or X10.